Only 3 days left

Only 3 days left to purchase the Bundle I mentioned HERE No one has bought one btw :) – theres a site they had set up for bloggers and it shows purchases. Tsk tsk tsk, come on yall, its a great bundle! I really don’t care if it sells or not. I bought the bundle for myself and loved it, figured I my as well share it here and if yall buy, great, if not, no biggie either. Any who, just reminding those who may have been interested that after this weekend you will miss the chance to get it.

I leave you with. Adorable boy cuteness… as Reed tries to do what his bigger brother Taite does.

ED9A6750 ED9A6748

ED9A6751 ED9A6752

ED9A6753 ED9A6744


Have a great weekend everyone! & remember. 3 days left :)

Caleb’s 10th Birthday

ED9A5964Im 2 weeks behind in posting this…  For my personal archiving though I like to post all my kids birthday milestones. Caleb on August 31st this year turned 10! I officially am a mom of a double digit dude! so cool… yet so crazy, he grew up way to fast.

Caleb had a birthday party planned. A pool party. However the day prior to this, his baby brother Reed spiked a rather high fever and was battling a pretty bad infection in the back of his throat. We thought if he was fever free in time and felt better by saturday, that we’d still go on with the party. However, he was not better by sat… and in fact didn’t start acting like himself til Monday. So, it was best we did cancel.

Still, you feel bad to cancel a big milestone birthday like that…

I am thankful that Caleb regardless handled it so well. He did not puff.

He did not blame his baby brother

He did not complain.

Or cry.

He understood and I am thankful for his maturity in the situation… So instead of a party, we just spent our time together as a family. Early in the morning my parents and I took him to downtown to snag some portraits of him. I posted those over here.

After his photoshoot, we made our way home. Where Travis had set up the kitchen table with a surprise.


Caleb was so excited!


He has been wanting a larger tank for his Bearded Dragon for many months now. In fact his birthday party wish was that people would just bring cash instead of presents, so he could go to the pet store after his party to buy that tank. Because he didn’t get to have the party, I had gone out the day before with my mom and purchased it myself. I was thankful it was $50.00 off plus I had a $20.00 coupon! So I saved like $70 bucks on it (yes it was almost $200.00 retail, insane). It was something he really did need for his Beardie to live happily and more healthy in captivity… so I knew it be put to good use. He loves his reptiles. Id rather my child ask for a $200 tank than a video game system haha… that is just me.

Right away he began taking measurements to see visually how big it would be once set up.



Then my dad, who was visiting, helped to start setting it up.




We set it up with the bedding and decor.



His Dragon took over right away. He looked like king of the mountain or something.


After that, we had lunch and then the little ones went down for naps. During nap time Travis and I decided to take Caleb to petsmart to let him spend some of his money he got from his grandparents for his birthday. Since he wasn’t getting a party, we knew this would make his day.

So we went to petsmart.

Little did I know we’d come home with this….


Yea, Taite was just as shocked.


That is a Leopard Gecko. Petsmart had them onsale for $14.99 – so cheap. So I said sure. Because I knew Caleb already had a tank. Already had decor. Already had feed for him (since he breeds his own roaches, he has SO MUCH REPTILE FOOD ITS RIDICULOUS – but so cheap, so cant complain). The cost to get the gecko was so minimal I figured why not. It is what Caleb enjoys and learns with. Its taught him to be responsible (as I do not help care for these animals, he does it all). It has helped him learn new things about animal care, lighting, heat, etc… its really done nothing but good. So for me, its nothing but a thing ;-) – and I don’t mind in the least.

He named his Gecko Leo btw :) – hes kinda cute once you get pass the initial creepiness. hah… Here is a better photo of him.


After that shopping adventure we had dinner and then homemade cake!




Reed even joined in on that part. Although you can tell from these photos, he did not feel well.


Cake though helped him forget he was sick for a moment.


We ended his birthday with a fun trip to the $1.75 Movie Theater. Him and his brother Taite got to go. The movie we took him to was Maleficent. I wasn’t sure if that would be to scary for Owen. So my mom and dad stayed home with baby Reed and Owen. It was fun and the movie was great. I highly recommend it.

So, even though he did not get a lavish party… it was a great day filled with memories.

We are super proud of Caleb… and thankful for how the Lord has continued to shape and mold him. We look forward to seeing him grow each day.

Ultimate Bundle may help ward off the corn dogs

Some of you may have seen a week or so ago my posting about an Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle coming out. I own their last ebook bundle. I purchased it last year from my friend Aliesha and loved it! It had so many great books. In fact some of them we are using this year for home schooling…

I just purchased their new bundle and cannot wait to dig in! They have an essential oil book in this bundle too filled with all sorts of great information on how to use EO better. You all know I love my Rocky Mountain Oils! :) The more I can learn about how to use them, the better. I started reading a few last night and am loving them. The book called 42 days to fit is so good. Their concepts are great and their meal plans amazing. One of the moms who helped write the book is a mom of 8 boys (pregnant with a 9th baby now). If anyone understands the time constraints of motherhood and fitting in workouts, its her :) -lets just say, im using that book starting today!

Before I move on, can I just say…. you should not at all be overwhelmed by the long long long long LONGGGGGGG list below this. I am going to spout off a lot of information regarding the books included in this bundle. It is seriously INFORMATION OVERLOAD at its best. When I read through the list originally all I could think was “my head hurts… can I have a nap.”  – it is a lot of books and A LOT to read. Some of the books you may never use. Others you will LOVE and want to share. If you buy this bundle, take your time… enjoy checking out all the titles and start with just a few favorites to begin with. Slowly wean into the bundle haha, otherwise I think you may over stress your brains. At least that is what would happen to me. Also, don’t read this list below and think dang… drea is to healthy for me.” – trust me, Im not. I ate a corn dog yesterday. Enough said :) – One thing I am learning is you have got to wean yourself into healthy living… and you def. cannot be a complete ANTI-anything not natural. Otherwise you will stress yourself out… stress your family out… and rub people wrong. At least that has been my experience with it personally as well as with others.

Ok :) – now that I have said my piece. Lets get this list started!

Here is what you get…..

Alternative Health & Home Remedies


Natural Beauty & Skincare


Healthy Children


Green Cleaning


Special Diets


Audio Courses & eCourses




Real Food Recipes


Gardening & Homesteading


Meal Budgeting & Planning




You even get some special bonus….

IT IS A LOT for what you pay.


Did you notice one of the freebies you get is a Baltic Amber Bracelet?!

I love Baltic Amber and have used amber on my boys since Owen was a baby! Here is a flash back for fun of Owen wearing a baltic amber necklace.

All of these books are ebooks that will work on your ipad, kindle, iphone or even a regular computer. When you download these they come in PDF files, so you can download them and store them straight to your computer. You can burn them to a disc for backup purposes… and then transfer them to an e-reader like ibooks for the ipad later.

So if you are interested in ordering, do so by clicking the link below.
DO purchase it sooner than later. They have a limited quantity they are selling.
YOU MUST purchase between Sept 10th and Sept 15th

Disclosure: I am an affiliate for The Ultimate Healthy Bundles. If you purchase the bundle through any of the above links, you are helping out our family as well as getting a great bundle of books. I purchased this book bundle myself, with my own money. They did not give it to me free to post this. So the opinions expressed here are genuine to put it lightly ;-) –  Here is some fine print about the bundle if you would like to read that… and some FAQ as well. I personally have purchased from this company before and truly loved what I got for the money. I think anyone who buys this will be very pleased. 

Fall Pending

IMG_9760It is hard to believe that in a few short weeks, we will begin to see temps drop… and leaves fall. I love fall. The feel. The coziness. The colors. As well as…

The Fashion!

I find fall fashion to be the most comfortable as well as easy to play with. I am about as far from a fashion icon as they come though. To even talk about fashion for me makes me a bit uncomfortable. I love love love to thrift and find good deals… but if a TV show that critiqued peoples fashion came to witness my choices, they’d prob have a lot of negative remarks to say hha….

I am a busy mom of 4 boys. Dressing for comfort for me, is huge. Its a very cliche thing. Moms wanting to be comfortable. I have seen many What not to Wear episodes where they get on moms for this desire and habit. Those host and fashion experts though have never spend day after day with 4 boys either. So for me, comfort is not something I am willing to let slide to far. Comfort though, doesn’t mean frumpy… or unfashionable (IMO).

I love to find pieces for my wardrobe that make certain outfits a little extra special.

May it be a gifted set of bangles….


Or a thrift-ed hand bag that I paid .75 cent for….


A boot, a must for fall.


Or maybe a small special piece of jewelry you love.


You can see a few more fall favorites of mine over on Polyvore as well as Pinterest.

Dresses with Jeans

Follow Drea Wood’s board Fall Fashion for Moms on Pinterest.

What trends will you be wearing this fall??

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Shane Co. The opinions and text are all mine.

Grams and our Living Space

Recently while my mom and dad visited. I got the itch to rearrange my living room furniture. Am I the only one who loves moving furniture around? Is it an OCD thing? :) Ive done this numerous times since moving into our current home…. I for some reason could not let it be. I loved our living room, yet something about it bugged me. We originally had our TV on the left side of the room. We placed it there when we moved in because that is where the cable hook up was. Because we had purchased our first home, had to have cable installed and so forth for our internet… we got a special deal on cable. We never had it years prior, but decided why not, since it was discounted. After the year “discount” ran out however, our price got jacked up…. so, we canceled our cable. So now all we have is the internet. Because our TV no longer has to be hooked up to the wall for cable, I figured we could play around a bit with the arrangement now.


ED9A6199So I relocated the TV to the right side of the room and made the sofa’s into an L. While I loved the open space of no sofa’s cutting the room in half from the kitchen area… for the way this room was shaped and the functionality of all our kids being able to see the TV on movie night and family/friends when visiting, it was what worked.

Once it was all set up, I really did like how it turned out. It makes the living room feel separate yet still part of our kitchen. It created a divide so that when the living room is trashed, it doesn’t bug me as much now. Now all of us can sit and enjoy a movie comfortable… and I feel like this set up works well for family worship too.


With the rearranging of furniture, I also played with our mantel some. I have had a wonderful painting up our mantel since moving in. A painting my friend Melissa Payne Baker made me. I LOVE IT. So moving it was not easy for me. It however was relocated elsewhere, in a place we still see often. So its ok :) – it will always be a special part of our family decor, even if its not the center piece on a mantel.

*I am debating hanging it right behind the large sofa in the room. It go good there. I just need to get proper hanging screws to do so. So we shall see if I can get that done soon*




I recently got some Instagram photographs printed by a company called ORIGRAMI.
(cute name huh?) A play off on the word Origami.

I loved the look of them and their price was good IMO for a thick high quality print, so I picked out the SQUARE PRINT option. Its basically $21 for 36 images. So its less than $1 an image. Great price. The quality is thick and well done. The backs of the photographs have the date the image was taken printed on it. They come packaged in the most adorable square camera box.


I had fun figuring out how to display these… and while I still have more to display, what I have done so far, is a start.

The first place I started displaying them was on the mantel in the window panes I had set up. I got these old windows at a guys house when we first moved into our home. They cost $5.00 each. So a great price… I love windows!

instagram display

To attach the images, I used a rustic thread from the dollar tree. So $1.00 :) and tiny little clothes pins I got from the walmart craft dept. I believe they cost around $1.50? It came with a generous amount too. We use these same pins in our school room to display art. To hang them I just taped the thread to the actual window. I taped it generously (with clear scotch tape). You can’t see the tape when looking at the display, but trust me, theres a lot there haha… I suppose you could use small thumb tacs or nails too. I however didn’t have any, so tape it is!



ED9A6223 ED9A6224

Another spot I decided to hang some, is located between a deck door and our kitchen area. Its a thin strip of wall. Its to thin to hang much of anything… but is one of the first walls you see as you enter our living room. To hang these I just got sticky adhesive tabs (I had them already for hanging stuff in our home school room). I cut them real thin to fit behind the tiny clothes pin…. and just put them straight onto the wall. Was super easy to do and very fast.

instagram display

printed instagram

So if you are looking for a simple and fun way to display your Instagram images. Do check out Origrami. I have hopes of creating a few more fun displays using the rest of the images I have.

Their website btw allows you to download your instagram straight into their photo ordering process. It took me literally 10 minutes or less to do.