Snake Bubbles – DIY activity for kids

I saw this little DIY on youtube of all places… and in the midst of packing boxes, I thought Id let the kids do it. It was easy, took seconds and the kids had a great time. You probably already have all the materials at home to do this too. So its cheap and simple.

Really simple and cheap DIY for kids. Make lots of fun and long snake bubbles with a few simple items.Here is what you do:

1. Take one empty plastic water bottle.

2. Cut the bottom out of it using some scissors.

3. Get a small wash cloth (baby ones work great!), cover the bottom of the bottle where you just cut.

4. Wrap a rubber band around the wash cloth to hold it in place.

5. Take some dish soap of choice, pour it into a saucer plate… and add in a little water (no exact measurement needed – just water the soap down a bit).

6. Rub the wash cloth portion of the bottle into the soap solution, then blow through the bottle and you have lots of fun snake bubbles!

Hope you enjoy :)

Sorry I dont have any “awesome” photos to go along with this besides those off my instagram. The camera is packed! We pack the truck up saturday – and move out officially monday. Thought id throw this post up while I had a few minutes tonight though… before the computer got packed.

Really simple and cheap DIY for kids. Make lots of fun and long snake bubbles with a few simple items Really simple and cheap DIY for kids. Make lots of fun and long snake bubbles with a few simple items

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