Thinking of Easter

ED9A2394I haven’t felt very inspired spiritually lately. I know the reason behind it is the fact our lives have brought us some real battles… which have honestly put a huge wedge between me and the Lord. I think these times in our lives happen when we become believers. I think they are totally normal and I have yet to meet a believer yet that has not faced this feeling. Then again there may be believers out there who have been on fire 100% since coming to know the Lord and never wavered. I find it hard to believe but I suppose that is not impossible.

Worship for us has been hard in church. Not because of the church itself. Can I just get an Amen at how amazing a preacher and pastor our Pastor is? Pastor Johnny Hunt seriously is one of the best speakers Ive ever heard. I love hearing him preach. Our worship team as well, amazing. It isnt the church “itself” that is the problem… I think its just the situation we are in right now. Reed if you don’t remember got Rotavirus a few months ago… plagued him with 12 days of sickness. Not just a little sickness either. Every diaper change he had to have a bath. Every nap and bed time resulted in stripping of sheets and washing a crib. It was a constant state of worry and doing… between him and the other 3 boys and my husband even getting it as well, we were miserable for weeks… It literally took me a month to feel normal again after that sickness. Wow! That virus is no joke.

Since it however I had to make a decision to not put Reed back in nursery. My sanity could not take it. I knew without a doubt Reed picked up that virus from our church nursery. We had been NO WHERE prior to that Sunday morning we put him in nursery… It started with him and I just know it came from that room he was in that morning. I understand and realize babies get sick. Its part of babyhood :) – and part of motherhood. We have to witness and see babies struggle through sickness and the 1st two years typically are the hardest as far as that goes. However, after 4 babies I have never ever experienced sickness like that and It has crippled us when it comes to ever putting our baby in the nursery again.

I know we are not to live in fear… we are to take our thoughts captive and the Lord is with us… for me though, I had to just hold off on nursery and keep my baby safe. Reed right now has been with us in every single worship service… and after weeks of having to walk out because he was jabbering, wouldnt sit still or pooped… my husband or myself (almost always me though) misses the service. It is what it is. We try to tag team so one of us at least gets to listen to the entire sermon one sunday a month – but none the less it feels as if we are drifting in the area of worship and I do miss it.

Parenting in the Pew is something Ive talked about on here before… it is a training process and a rewarding one… but from around age 9 mo-2 years old, its almost impossible. Reed is 18 mo. old and wants nothing more than to run, explore and be loud. He has limited understanding at his age and its hard to punish a 18 mo. old for not wanting to sit for an hour :) – so yea, its a struggle.

A struggle I am sure we will continue to face for weeks to come. I keep saying “next sunday…. ill put him in nursery.” – as we head to church though we back out and even our 9 year old son Caleb tells me “you shouldnt risk that… ” – because that virus was so hard on him as well, the fear of another has affected him too… Which may be because he see’s how it has affected his mom. They are always watching :)

All that being said.

Easter is here.

I love Easter.

Its so bright and springy… and fun.

We do Easter Egg hunts and hang out with friends… we get to go to worship and sing praises about Christ and the hope he has given us all with his death, burial and Resurrection. Our children have been so sweet to watch as we read the stories of Jesus, Passover, the Cross and so forth. They colored pictures of Jesus washing the disciples feet and ended an evening praying and thanking God for their day and days to come.

So despite feeling in a bit of a funk spiritually… I feel the Lords covering over our family… I know the Lord is here with us in these struggles and I am thankful for where he has brought us and how he has blessed us.

Even small touches in our yard… such as these flowers….


I see them and they are just small reminders of those blessings… At times I feel trapped in my home. Always being a mom…. cleaning up messes… washing laundry… feel secluded from other relationships… as I sit in our drive way alone with my boys, I often am ministered to just by what is surrounding our home. A home I know the Lord provided. A home we honestly were given for far less than it was worth because a Christian couple heard our story and felt it was a home meant for our family. A home surrounded by Bradford Pear trees in bloom and bulbs I didnt even plant sprouting up all over. A yard with green grass (possible weeds hah) where my 4 boys play daily… in their own imaginary world. Full of forts, creeks, bugs and critters. A place while not perfect, blesses me.

I hope all those reading have a blessed Easter… and remember tomorrow we are to praise for the Lord is Risen!!


I am debating taking a step away from my blog.

Like forreal.

Or maybe I should just take a step away from writing on it. To maybe just post photos.

I can’t seem to keep up with it all. The income is nice here and there with sponsored post… but it isnt a life changing amount either. I obsess over the stats and keeping up with daily post. Often wondering is it really worth it.

Once your babies grow up your stats tend to dwindle any how… unless you have a special talent that sucks people in… like the Pioneer Woman and her ability to post all those amazing recipes… or other bloggers who do make up tutorials or house renovations. Neither of which do I specialize in.

I love sharing photos… its my way of keeping a record of life. Just wonder if its worth it.

Social media too. Id say that more than my blog wear me thin. The constant need to keep up with everyone. Why? Why can’t people keep up with people like they use too…. by calling a friend or heck stopping by unannounced. I for one miss that. I wish more friends would just stop by unannounced… or shoot me a txt and say “hey, we’re in the neighborhood, going to swing by in 15, is that ok?” :) – as if Id ever say no. I dunno, sometimes I just miss the simplicity of life.

I was watching the show Call the Midwife on PBS. That show btw is awesome, go watch it ;-) – its on PBS right now every sunday… but also you can find older episodes on netflix. Such a great show. Note to dudes, you probably wont like it.

That show though and the simplicity of the midwives lives I long for.

I think in order to get to that simplicity I may need to let go of some of these not so simple “social” ways… and just be done with it. To stop using the “its for business” excuse and just break away.

The blog. Its a toss up :)

The social media. No question.

Just need to pry my face away from the ipad or iphone and be done.

… and enjoy more of this


and less of this…

Coco-cola nailed that commercial btw. Gah it was funny but man was it true and convicting. I don’t want to be like that….


It has been raining the last 2 days.


Our 70′s-80′s bid us farewell for a few days. Totally OK with that, no complaints. Could be snowing still, right? ;-) – while indoors though we have to find ways to entertain ourselves. Board games do become a must.


Can you tell our floors/rugs need cleaning? gag. I did vacuum last night but I need to heavily mop soon.

What are your favorite board games? My kids recently love is Monopoly Jr. Although Caleb wants to attempt the “real” monopoly… I however am not ready for that sort of board game commitment haha.. Going to teach the kids UNO today.

Organic Whole Grain Bagel’s

Posted a fun new recipe over on She {hearts} It yesterday. Be sure to check it out.

Its for Organic Whole Grain Bagels!


Wood Fort

While I was recovering from Wisdom Tooth Extraction Surgery :) – my dad was hard at work replacing steps on the side of our house that lead down to our backyard. The steps we had since moving in began to give us issues right away. They were old to begin with and in need of replacing. My dad is handy and replaced the steps in just a few days. We now have non-rotting steps that don’t crack when we step on them – much safer.

Here’s a photo of them. For picture sake :)


With the piles of old wood planks we had, I thought it be fun to use it to make the boys a fort. My husband is not very handy. He is the first to admit that. He can however use a hammer and nail. :) So with that we created the Wood Fort! Literally ;-)

The boys LOVE it. Its so cute and simple… but will give them hours of great imaginary play. The best part, it was free to make besides the cost of a few nails :) – and time.


It was placed right by the creek in our backyard. Hidden in the trees. Yet easy to get too.


Reed can even get to it if need be.


Wow his shirt was dirty… :-\



ED9A2409 ED9A2442

ED9A2413 ED9A2414

Taite being silly, pretending he is scared because he is so high.



Look towards our backyard from the fort