Fire Fighter Museum

Today we took a little field trip. We don’t do field trips often (although I hope one day we can be settled enough to do more with a local home school group… ). This trip worked out great. Travis has a 3 day weekend due to rotation week… so we made the best of a friday off and went to a local Fire Fighter Museum. Its free (we love free). It also wasn’t far. So that was a perk as well.

Reed’s big obsession lately are fire trucks. He makes the cutest “wooo wooo wooo” fire truck sounds ever. Very loud and vocal too. Its adorable. SO we knew this would be a hit. He had so much fun exploring the antique fire museum… but the real icing on the cake was when an actual fire fighter let him sit in the fire truck.

Made his day.

The older boys enjoyed it as well. All in all, a great trip.

Here are a few memories from our time.








The machine Caleb is in front is called the Aurora. It has quiet the history! There are only 3 around to date.



Fire Trucks sure are high too. A boys climbing dream :)



The truck the boys were climbing on today cost A MILLION DOLLARS. Phew!







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Organizing my Essential Oils

How to organizing Essential OilsOn a recent post you all may have seen an Essential Oil shelf I had set up in my kitchen. This is my new way of organizing my Essential Oils. For a while I kept my oils in a small box I found at Goodwill for under $2.00. I still use this box to store extra oil bottles that didn’t fit on my shelf, stickers and other things… its a great box. However, it was getting cramped in that small box… and it made it hard to find certain oils sometimes because it was so small.

So I have been on the look out for an Essential Oil Shelf. I saw lots of fun ideas on Pinterest… but with a non-handy husband and lack of time on my part… I just kept putting it off.

Until one day while at a local goodwill (again haha) looking for a helmet for my 8 year old. His helmet was to small. I tell you, Goodwill is the place to shop for helmets! Most are under $5.00.

While there, I of course wandered around seeing if I could find any treasures… and I noticed a weird looking cassette type shelf in the home goods area. As soon as I saw it I knew I could turn it into an oil shelf. So I purchased it for $4.95 and came home.

I wish I had gotten a before photo… but I sadly didn’t think to. The shelves on this thing though were really close together. They are made out of a thin particle board material. So it was easy to break the shelves I didn’t want out. If you look at the shelf images below, you can see notches where the other shelves use to be.

So all after breaking out a few shelves. My shelf unit was complete :)

The outside of this shelf thing is solid wood… so it is kinda heavy. Which is a good thing. I was going to hang it onto the wall some place… but because it is so thick, I was nervous someone may bump into it. So for now this is in our kitchen. I have it high enough up that Reed can’t play with it (unless he really tried). I also wanted it higher up on the back area of the counter, so any time “friends” would come over, their kids wouldn’t get curious haha.

My older 3 boys do not touch my oils in any way. So I felt pretty good about its placement and so far (months later), no issues at all.


I also keep my oil book on top of the shelf, since I go to it often.
I keep my carrier oil nearby as well.
I also keep my travel bag of oils near it too.

The boys know when they need an oil (to ask) but then to go to the “travel bag” first.
I’ve taught them never to use my oils from the “real bottles” :)

How to organize your oils without paying a fortune

and yes… I put them in ABC order :) – as best I could any way.

How you can organize your Essential Oils

So how do you organize your oils?

I will say, between the box and the shelf. I much prefer the shelf.

If you are curious where I got my “travel bag” from – feel free to read the below post:

How you can organize your Essential Oils

New to Oils? Here is an old post of mine explaining what I use and why. Let me know if you want me to do an updated list? I have added a lot of great oils to this list since posting it.

What Essential Oils should I get? and how to organize them once I have them.

Owen’s officially 5

ED9A8919We celebrated Owen’s 5th Birthday over the weekend… but today is actually his real birthday :) … and I had to take a little walk down memory lane for my own personal journaling to remember.

A few fun facts about Owen at age 5.

He is almost as big as his older brother Taite who is 8.

He loves stuff toys.


Cars. Trucks. Trains. :)

He has a loud cry but its all show (most of the time).

He laughs so hard you can’t help but smile.

He can ride a 2 wheel bike like the best of them.

He isn’t really into sports but I bet he’d be good at them.

He follows Taite constantly. Those two are so close.

His favorite thing to drink is still to this day white milk (as he calls it). He must have inherited that love from his Daddy… every night he has to have a big glass of it before bed, just like Travis.

He wears a size 13 shoe (in boys of course).

His favorite food is pancakes.

He loves to cuddle (thankfully).

Kisses from Mommy are far from yucky yet. :)

… and despite telling me he isn’t old enough to do school. I have a strong feeling he’s going to blow us out of the water with his smarts. He is one clever little dude.

Love him and just wish he’d slow down a little… cause boy did he get to 5 fast….

Laboring with Reed – my 1st Natural Labor experience. (not easy… phew!)



Big Brothers sitting side by side for the first time.


IMG_9674 copy





and if you can’t tell, Owen loves music.





ED9A8915 ED9A8914


March Favorites

I thought it was due time to post a favorites post. Ive done a few of these in the past and you all seemed to like them. :) I basically just link to or talk about things (mostly products) that have been my favorite recently.

So lets get started.

#fridayintroductions again hosted by @jessaconnolly @thetinytwig ???? a hashtag where we introduce ourselves to those who follow our instagrams.  ------- so little about me I'm a 31 yr old panamerican ???????? raised in Charlotte,nc. Since marry1. Wearing my hair with waves and no bangs. I will admit. Growing my bangs out has been hard. I have gone back and forth with this for years. Yup years… I get to about mid nose with the bangs and fold. I then cut them blunt again. I love bangs… I think they look good on me but I do not like the upkeep they bring. So I have been trying to grow them out and so far I have found a method that seems to work. The SIDE PARTING them doesn’t work well for me. I find I am constantly flipping my hair out of my face. If I part it down the middle though it seems to work better. If I flip my hair out using my straightener, even more so. So that is what I am doing on the days I wear my hair down. I can go about 2 days with the same style and it looks pretty good. Even after being slept on. I may have to touch up the back some but the rest stays pretty put together. Yay for hair that holds it shape fairly well. ALSO I use NO HAIR SPRAY – yup.. it seems to hold better without it. If I spray it, it just makes it sticky. I also find that if I allow my hair to AIR DRY instead of blow dry it, it works best. So I try to wash my hair in the morning on like Sunday… allow to air dry that morning (We go to church at night since Travis works). I then style it that afternoon. I can wear it til about wednesday, if Im having a good hair week ;-) – so on a good week, I wash my hair 2-3 times a week. Less washing for me has helped with hair fall out… and my hair feels a lot healthier.

I was going to take a video of myself styling it but I havent had the chance. So here is a youtuber I found with a good tutorial showing exactly what I do. The only thing different I do is after I curl it, I let it sit for a little (5 min maybe?) and then I brush it through. I like a looser wave, more so than a curl.

Here is the video: The lady doing the video is actually my friend Liz from The Quick Journey. Do check out her blog. Also she does a little “TWIST” thing with her curls after she curls them, I skip this part. I also BRUSH mine out after they sit like I mentioned above. So we do things a little different bu the method is almost identical. So hope it helps :)

2. That brings us to my TEK Wood Brush – I love this thing. I got it after hearing how Wood Brushes were great for our hair. They absorb excess oil and don’t pull our hair like traditional metal and plastic brushes. I found mine at TJMaxx for $12.99 – I think retail they cost much more. The price for me was decent and I am so glad I got it. It is by far my favorite brush to date. Love it! I couldn’t find it online… the brand I have… but its made in Italy… so I found this one on amazon that looks almost identical to the one I have. Its price tag isn’t nearly as low though. :-\

That morning when it's almost 10am and your 2 year old is still sleeping. Laundry baskets almost empty and a quiet house. My kinda Sunday morning ???? to add to the beauty it's going to be like 73 and sunny today! Yes please.

3. Peace and Quiet - You all know I love my essential oils. Well a new favorite I have been diffusing constantly is the Rocky Mountain Oil’s Peace and Quiet blend. Its so crisp… refreshing and calming. I can’t really explain it but it just smells awesome. I love it and am slightly addicted. Between this one and their calming blend, Im an addict diffuser. :)

Bible studies although honestly I sometimes dread the load they can bring they do encourage and push me to get into the word more. This study is on the book of James: looking forward to learning more. ???????? #biblestudy

4. My new HCSB Personal Sized Study Bible – I have been eyeing this bible for a while now. I enjoy reading the HCSB translation on the bible app… and decided it be nice to have an actual physical bible in this version to study from. I haven’t purchased myself a bible in many years… prior to this one I used the NKJV. While I loved it, I had trouble understanding it some what and wanted something a little easier to read. I read great reviews on the HCSB… and so I figured it be a great fit. For some reason I feel like Ive mentioned all this before… but in case I didn’t, here you go. :) Its a great Bible. Great for study and carrying. I got mine from Lifeway 40% off too. ;-) Can you tell I am a bargain shopper? …it is available on amazon too.

#kennesawmountain hike in progress ???? #boymom5. New Shoes! – I never buy myself shoes. Almost never. I have not owned a pair of normal sneakers in almost a decade. Crazy huh? I survive mostly in flip flops :) – or boots. So to own some sneakers finally, is nice. I found these at TJMaxx as well for $34.00. They are New Balance. I’ve never owned New Balance shoes before but I am pleased. They are light weight and wear well. I’ve used them on many walks already and yesterday a hike up a nearby Mountain. :) So if you are in the market for some light weight shoes, check out Marshalls or TJMaxx. I saw great ones at both stores.

… and I think thats it.

I know. Not much to mention this month. Its been busy lately. I feel like all I do is school…. school… school. Its getting down to the finals few months of school this season and I want to make sure we finish by June. We tend to run late… and typically I do like to make the boys do some school throughout the entire summer… but for the BULK of our work. I hope we finish soon. :)

So between house keeping and never ending laundry… I am finding very little time to do much more than just be. :)

Which is nice… but at times I will admit exhausting.

So very thankful though for sunshine.

An early spring.


… and encouragement from those near. Its been an emotional month and I have felt covered in prayers by many. So thank you for those who know our story and keep us in your prayers. I feel them.

To end… a few instagram images from the week… :)
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Anyone else take advantage of “Free Ice Cream” at DQ? We did.
& our carseat paid the price – don’t worry, it got washed.

Owen’s 5!

This weekend we celebrated Owen turning 5. So hard to believe that my 3rd born son is now old enough to be considered a Kindergartener. It goes so fast!! Owen is still just as sweet as ever. Despite growing leaps and bounds this year, he still remains true to his adorable laughter and innocence spirit. I remember vividly when Owen turned 3. He wanted to go to Build a Bear at the mall and so I took him with the other 3 boys. Travis at the time was working evenings… so he was unable to join us. I still remember having a great time and the memories from that day are etched into my mind.

I didn’t expect for Owen’s 5th birthday that he’d want to return to Build a Bear. I thought for sure this was a thing of the past. He was 5 now.. not a toddler anymore… yet this cutie did my heart good and we got to experience another sweet trip to the Build a Bear store. This time with Daddy along.

Before going to the mall. We had a fun morning at the Lowes Workshop. Its totally free (you just have to pre-register). This was our first time going but it looked like a fun choice of activity for the day… All four boys built a truck and had a great time.

We have found over the years that the sweetest and most intimate birthdays can be some spent with just the family. While I love parties where we get to see friends… I find the more kids I have and the older they get… the more I like to just spend that day with my boys and possibly do a party another time. They grow so fast… I don’t want my memory of their birthdays to ever be clouded with stress and anxiety over party planning. Id much rather love on them in special ways… from simple decorations surprising them in the morning… to letting them pick where they would like to eat for dinner. :)

Here are some memories from our day :)


ED9A8793 ED9A8797

Reed really got into the “Monster” part of the Truck :)




ED9A8819 ED9A8827




ED9A8860 ED9A8862




ED9A8894 ED9A8908

and to end… a little flash back :) to Owen’s 1st Birthday back in 2011.