Packing away

Its been a busy week full of packing, moving furniture and prepping for the listing of our home. A home I must admit, I do not look forward to selling. To those unfamiliar with our journey to this home, you can read this old post. While I do look forward to Travis not being a cop any more… I don’t look forward to leaving an area we truly do love. It is excitingly bittersweet all at once. We look forward to serving in ministry full time again but we don’t look forward to leaving friendships we have built these last 4 years… and two amazing churches we’ve grown close to while out of the ministry. A call into ministry never comes without sacrifice though.

Entertainment - dad pressure washing. #boymomMy parents have been here all week. Helping us to pack, move things, tend to kids, patch up holes, wash baseboards and so forth. Its been a huge help. Thankful they were able to come down as soon as we heard about the job, to get this ball rolling.

Yesterday we had to meet with our Relator. She brought in a stager (its part of her percentage, so it doesn’t cost extra). The stager told us where to place furniture, what to remove and so forth. I will say, I did not agree with her 100%. I know this is her job and she does that sorta thing for a living… but some of the things she mentioned seemed unnecessary to me… so we will take those with a grain of salt and move on. :) The suggestions on furniture moving did help make the room look larger.

If all goes as plan, we will have photos taken of the house either next wednesday or friday. Within 24 hours or so of those photos being taken, our house will go on the market. Eek! I have no doubt this house will sell very fast… It wasn’t even listed a day when we bought it… and if you read the post above, you will realize we got this house very cheap. It is valued almost $50,000 more than what we paid. So we are praying we can make a good bit of profit, to help us with purchasing a new home in the new state we live in.

Look mom. We are building minecraft houses. ???? cuties. #boymomWhen we moved into this house we were unable to put a down payment down. We had nothing to our name. So we had to take out an FHA loan, which made our mortgage ridiculous. Hopefully if we make as big a profit as we think we will, we can use that money to not only pay off Travis’ car (which will leave us with NO CAR PAYMENTS), but also put a significant amt. down on the next home. Thats our hope any way.

To those curious if we have found a new house.

Not yet.

Once our house sells, we will start looking. Hopefully we will find one fast. If we have to move out before we find a new home, we may have to live some place temporarily while things finalize. Im sure the next month will be stressful… but I am just praying it all goes smooth.

I took a few photos this week and posted them on Instagram. Feel free to follow me there during this process. I have some photo jobs coming up, so I may break out the camera and take some photos around the house before we do have to say goodbye… but other than that I have no pending post to blog while we are so busy. :)

Prayers appreciated :)

In order to get our house in proper "showing" standards ???? we had to rent a storage unit to put a bulk of our stuff. Most annoying stuff to move so far. All of Travis pastor books ! Why on earth do pastors need so many books haha. He needs to digital

So many #boxes ???????????? #ifeellikeahoarder #moving

In between packing I'm organizing a @boba shoot. A few of them actually. A birthday shoot coming up, two portrait sessions and possibly another birth. ???????????? thankful for the work but my eye balls are tired. Off to ikea tonight wit

Not fair. #wheresmynap?

My mom washing baseboards :) – shes so cute.

My mom wiping baseboards ???????? and Reed pretending he's shooting her with a fire truck ladder. ???? #operationmove #boymom

She's like the little engine that could . Just keeps cleaning ???? going to miss this house so much!! #moving #bittersweet

We took a break and went to a local burger joint one evening after lots of packing.

This familiar wall will be missed. Love this town!

Reed didn't look but that's ok :) we will miss this place when we move. #downtownwoodstock #boymom

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