Homemade Whipped Body Butter

DIYwhippedbutterI’ve posted a recipe similar to this one about 2 years ago… and thought I would experiment with it a bit more now that I have a good collection of essential oils. I will admit, the last recipe I made using this method, while I loved the texture of it, the vanilla smell after a while got old fast… and smelled a bit to strong for my liking. So this weekend with my mom in town, we played.

Below is a recipe for my new Whipped Body Butter incorporating Essential oils from Rocky Mountain Oil Company (where I buy all my oils)


1/2 cup Shea Butter
1/4 cup* Coconut Oil
1/4 cup* Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Sweet Almond Oil
10 drops Rocky Mountain Lavender Essential Oil (optional)
2 drops Rocky Mountain Sacred Frankincense Essential Oil (optional)

Take note: The use of Essential Oils in this recipe is totally optional.
You do not need to add any scent what so ever if you don’t want too. However, adding the scent is nice and gives the body butter an extra loveliness about it. Lavender is a favorite scent of mine, very soothing to the skin… and Frankincense if great for its anti-aging properties and healing. So I like to add both. The scent IS NOT STRONG at all. In fact I may add in more drops to my next batch, so its a bit strong.


In a small pot heat up the Shea Butter and Coconut Oil until melted together. DO NOT over heat. I keep mine on the lowest heat setting possible. Once it fully melts and is all liquid… take it off the heat and then add in your EVOO or Sweet Almond Oil.

ED9A5886Go ahead at this point and pour your liquid oils you just heated up, into a large mixing bowl. I used my Kitchen Aid Bowl, since its very deep. You will want a deeper large bowl for when it comes time to WHIP the oils together. Also if you have a KITCHEN AID mixer, you can use that with the whisk attachment on. I do not have the Kitchen Aid Whisk :( – so I tried using my normal mixing attachment that works for most baking recipes and it sadly didn’t do well. So I ended up using a hand whisk mixer I had, it worked much better.

Once your melted oils are in the large bowl, add in your essential oils and use a spoon to mix it all together while it is still all liquid.

Place your Mixing Bowl with the Oils all together, into the freezer for 15 minutes.

Once the Liquid turns into a solid looking mass, it is ready to whip.

If it is still liquid, leave it a few moments longer in the freezer.

Once hardened from the freezer, take it out and then whip the fool out of it :)

You will want to whisk it with your mixer until it creates peaks and has turned into a whipped butter mixture. Then once finish, spoon it out into a glass jar for storing. This made about a pint? Its a good amount and should last you a while. A little goes a long way when applying.

Once your body butter is created, you do not have to refrigerate it! As long as you live in a fairly cool home, no hotter than 80F, you should be fine. I keep mine in my upstairs bathroom, where the temp is around 78F during the summer, and I have had no issues with it melted.

The longer the butter sits, the better I think it gets. It almost becomes a foamy whipped consistency after day one.

Few questions answered, since I have a feeling you all may ask :)

1. Is it suppose to be oily?? Yes it may feel a bit oily upon the initial application. This is normal and as it sits the oil will absorb better into the skin. What is crazy, is with NORMAL lotions I have to apply lotion a few times a day, otherwise I look ashy? I have such dry skin… I feel as if I am constantly apply lotions. However, with this body butter, one application after a shower and I am good to go for days! One thing that most don’t realize, most traditional store bought lotions, have a TON of harmful ingredients…

Here is a list of ingredients in Vaselines SHEA lotion:

caramel, dimethicone copolyol, yellow 5 (ci 19140), dimethicone, stearic acid, disteareth 75 ipdi, phenoxyethanol, xanthan gum, butyrospermum parkii (shea butter), propylene glycol, cetyl alcohol, peg 90 diisostearate, theobroma cacao (cocoa) seed butter, water, sodium acrylate/sodium acryloyldimethyl taurate copolymer, glycerin, potato starch modified, triethanolamine, polysorbate 80, fragrance, disodium edta, hydrogenated polyisobutene, ethylhexyl cocoate, paraffin, glyceryl stearate, methylparaben, hydrogenated didecene, microcrystalline wax, cyclopentasiloxane, propylparaben, isohexadecane, petrolatum, glycol stearate, dimethicono

That is A LOT of stuff to lather onto the largest organ of our body… All over our skin and into our blood stream it goes…. I don’t know about you, but Id much rather know how to pronounce what I am putting onto and into my body.

You will get use to the OILY feeling of this butter… a bit of warning though. DO not apply this and immediately following application, throw on a silk shirt. You will want to allow your skin time to absorb the body butter, before putting on anything nice. Typically after my shower, I put this on all over, put on my house clothes (Sweats with a cami) and finish getting ready in those clothes, before getting into my nicer clothing. I do this even if I don’t apply the butter, since I get to hot in normal clothes during the getting ready process :) – am I alone in that habit? I hope not haha….

2. Can I use this on my face? I love it for the face – at night I use my lotion bars *find that recipe here* – but during the day, this is what I tend to lean towards. Same thing goes for allowing it to sit… do not put this on then apply make up moments later. You will want to let this sit for a good bit before applying any make up.

3. Does it break me out? Nope. Then again, my dealings with acne are almost totally gone since I started cleansing my skin with Oils almost 7 years ago now. Read up on that HERE.

I love this recipe and I think you all will too! Enjoy!


My Baby is 10

ED9A5919-2Hard to believe that my 1st born Caleb, turns 10 today.

10 years!

When I had Caleb I had been married just over a year.

I turned 21 a few weeks prior to his birth.

… and I had no clue what I was in for :)

Caleb changed my world and began my journey in motherhood.

He has grown into such a fine young man… and my husband and I could not be prouder.

Caleb is a very mature 10 year old… who while he has his moments of silliness, to me, shows a great deal of respect and responsibility for his age. He helps me with baby Reed A LOT… in fact I think Reed is attached to him some days more than me! Melts my heart when Reed reaches for Caleb, its beyond precious. Caleb is eager to learn and grow.

He willingly let me take some photos of him yesterday to remember him at this age. He isn’t against photos thankfully as of yet… however, I have a hard time finding time to take professional shots of my children. Most of what I have of them, are every day shots taken around the house or out and about. So it was nice to stop and focus on him for a bit… and snag these memories.

Love you Caleb… thankful for who the working of the Lord in your life even at such a young age.


I decided to let him wear something He’d want to wear.
While I wanted to dress him in nicer clothes, I wanted at 10, to remember, his style.

Perfection didn’t matter to me. I wanted to see him, for who he was.


We took along his friend August his Bearded Dragon to join in a few photos.


ED9A5944 ED9A5956





eBook Bundles

child reading bookYou better believe with the new year off and running with home schooling my 4 dudes. That life is busy and hectic! Not crazy hectic but… I don’t typically stop moving unless I sit on a toilet or sit at my computer. I am always on the go doing something.

One thing I do enjoy to do when I have a chance to sit though, is to read ebooks. Many months ago I purchased an eBook bundle through my friend Aliesha’s blog. I cannot remember exactly HOW MANY books it came with but it was a lot for what you paid. It had books on baking, cooking, meal planning, devotional books, home schooling resources (In fact Taites writing curriculum this year came from that bundle!). It was a great purchase and I still use the books today.

So when I saw they had a new bundle coming out, I had to jump on that band wagon and share with you all a way you could earn that bundle for free!

So here is how you can do that:

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So, GO HERE, sign up. Then it will email you a link to share on your facebook/twitter/blogs, etc…

I can share more on what books included soon. Lets just say, if you love natural living, great recipe books, homeschool resources and devotionals, you’ll love this bundle. The release date for this bundle will be released soon. It should be in a few weeks. I hope to link you all to it as soon as possible.

Now go earn your $5.00 off or better yet, get the bundle free with that referral program they have set up HERE.

He does

For those curious if Reed has hair now.


He sure does :) – however, it does this.

HAHA…. Sticks straight up!!! Its super thin still too. I think his days of a full head of hair are still a ways away.. However, his spikey locks sure are cute :)

We have family in town the rest of the week and Caleb’s 10th birthday this Saturday. So I have a feeling my post may be few til next week. Do be sure though to enter the giveaway I have up this week! It ends next Monday. Also use the coupon code “wood10″ at check out over at Rocky Mountain Oils. It expires on Sunday!

… and if you want follow me on instagram for daily photos of the fam. Have a great weekend everyone!


IMG_9468I spoke briefly about this on my instagram over the weekend… but thought I would speak about it in more detail on my blog.

On Friday this weekend… my family and I went to a nearby beach/lake type place about 20 minutes from our home. While our neighborhood has a nice pool for the boys to cool off in, after the same ol’ pool, the boys often want to swim elsewhere. So the lake is a good option and close by. So Friday we went on our way to this lake… Up til this point we had been twice before. Both times enjoying our time there with no issues at all. We’ve noticed if you go on a week day, there is literally no one there. A friday however, seems to be the day people come out.

So we pull up to this lake… and begin to unload and set up our picnic area nearby. This lake has about 10 picnic tables in the shade right by the lake. So its nice to be able to relax, eat a picnic on an actual table, all the while watching your kids play on the shore.

While Travis prepped charcoal for a grill… and I helped baby Reed get into the chips. We all of a sudden heard a lady yell at the top of her longs “HEY KID! Don’t be throwing Sh$* at my kid!!” – My automatic reaction was “Oh no, she better not have said that to my child…” but even more so I was thinking “Who in their right mind is cussing at the volume in front of children!” I had a very big rush of anger hit my entire body and the Mama Bear in me wanted nothing more than to get my COP Husband to arrest her HAHAHA… Although, he obviously had no grounds at that moment.


I cannot even imagine the brokeness my husband has to face daily in his line of work right now. I know he has had to deal with suicides face on… people shooting their brains against the wall or hanging themselves in a bedroom. He also has to deal with families broken and falling apart… spouses going at each other and neighbors bickering over someone stepping foot onto their grass. He see’s it all…. and I know because of that he was able to retain a proper composer better than I was.

I was so upset at that woman that it completely ruined my entire night. I could not relax… and was watching my children like hawks to make sure they stayed away from her. We could hear her continue to drop curse words throughout her conversation with her friends, as she sat in the water smoking a cigarette… but we just spoke to our boys and kept them away.

Her behavior makes me never want to go back to that place.


I am trying very hard to remember that we cannot shelter our children. We can in some degree…. and I believe it is wise to protect our children from the world… but one way or another, our children will hear the F bomb, or random curse words. They will be faced to see the depravity of our world, one day.

Caleb who will turn 10 next week, noticed a magazine cover at a grocery check out the other day. He looked at it and saw Robin William’s’ face on it. He then saw where it had his birth date… and date of his death. Caleb was very confused as to what the two numbers meant and asked me what happened. He knew who Robin William’s was… and ill be honest. I had no intention of telling Caleb he had killed himself…. I didn’t want Caleb to face that truth until he was older. I didn’t feel he needed to. He loved Robin William’s in Jumanji and in Hook. Why tell him he killed himself? … you know? However, in that moment of our conversation Caleb asked me point blank. “How’d he die?” and I knew, I had to be honest. So I told him what happened… and I just saw a very puzzled 9 year old looking back at me and he just said “Why would anyone do that?”

It was sad to have that conversation with Caleb.

It made me sad for him.

The Brokenness of our world is all over… and my prayer is just that my boys would come to know Christ early… and grow in a maturity from a very young age. I want them to be equip for battle against the depravity we face… and know they have a Savior who can see them through.

And this is my prayer: that your love may abound more and more in knowledge and depth of insight, so that you may be able to discern what is best and may be pure and blameless for the day of Christ, filled with the fruit of righteousness that comes through Jesus Christ—to the glory and praise of God.
- Phil 1:9-11

The same week I faced this situation at the lake, I also came across randomly a persons instagram account that had photographs of a blogger I followed for years. The photographs looked like paparazzi photos, taken of her, to do nothing more than poke fun. The person created their instagram account to belittle this individual, ridicule… and bully this mom. This person also has a website that is there to expose personal things about this person. From police reports, to bank statements and other information regarding their family. Now while I do not believe the person they are doing all this against is innocent… regardless of what she has done in her life or is doing, NO ONE deserves to be bullied or treated the way this person on instagram is doing… Calling her names like Fat Cow… Check out that Neck, Spare Tire, and so forth… everything about what that person is doing is just complete evidence of our worlds depravity and state. That anyone would think that doing that is right, is beyond me.

… and yet, we live in a world today, that would actually allow this type of person to accumulate followers who agree with her bullying ways, as if her words are justified by the way this mom is living.

IMG_9496-3Where have we gone? What is wrong with people!?

Satan has got a grip on peoples hearts – people are literally blind to their wrongs.

The night we came home from that beach… while I felt very weighed and heavy by what had happened… my husband ended our evening, with a family devotional time. He tries to do this every night with the boys. This particular evening a neighbors boy happened to be over. We asked him if he wanted to join and he said yes. This young boy who I believe is 8, sat on our couch… heard my husband speak about how much God has done for us… and ended the time with songs of praise. We sang songs like the Doxology… and this young boy who said “I’ve never even heard these songs but I like them!” – sang along with us and ended the evening praising God from whom all blessings flow, without even realizing I am sure what he was saying.

All we can do is learn to be a light in this dark world….

I don’t think my light shined very bright at that beach :) – but I know the Lord was pleased with our end to the evening by inviting that boy to be a part. Even tho part of me didn’t want him there – ashamed as I am to admit that. Even those with good intentions can be selfish. I would not be where I am or who I am without God working in my heart too. Cause really without him, I can be pretty harsh myself… Thankful for Grace.