Babies -n- TV

Is watching TV bad for babies??

Caleb loveeesss to sit and watch Baby Einstine. Ever hear of it? Well.. its these crazy baby videos with shapes, mozart and bach music…. and the occasional video teaches things like “Color, animals, places…etc..”
I try not to let Caleb sit and watch these videos to much though. He watches one video a day usually. They are 30 minutes long. He loves it though! I mean he will sit in his bean bag BY himself through the entire video… He laughs and smiles at it as well. Very cute…..

I don’t think him watching the videos is hindering him one bit though. His motor skills are just as good as other babies I know his age that never watch the videos… And he seems very smart!

One Commnet on “Babies -n- TV

  1. those baby einstein things scare me….my keyboarding teacher used to play those CDs while we typed…creepy….my science teacher played Peanuts christmas music once…he said it was supposed to make us do better on our tests, but yeah, baby einstein scares me, and i dont get why babies cant sleep on their stomachs anymore. i slept on my stomach, and i’m not dead!

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