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Food Tips for Babes (for new Mamas)

So I had a friend email me and ask what I feed Taite… she needed some ideas for her son who is the same age.

I remember as a 1st time mom not knowing what to do… so I want to try & share with new moms what I do w/ my kids.

Taite is a GREAT eater. He eats almost anything.
The only things Ive noticed he doesnt really like are breads… this includes toast, pancakes, sandwiches… etc… I think its just to dry for him.. so he just spits it out.

He also doesnt seem to care for weird texture foods like oatmeal or grits.

Im thankful he does well with almost anything besides breads :-)
Things Taite LOVES…


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He could eat fruit for every meal.
chopped up banana is one of his favorite. I always slice up his banana pretty small. I cut down the center of the banana twice and then chop it up… you never know what they may choke on.

He also loves loves loves messy fruits such as..

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Peaches, Kiwi, Mango (hes been eating Mangos since he was 5 months old) and oranges.

Those tend to be a bit messy but he loves them.. so we deal :-)

He also enjoys chopped up grapes…
apples (although he seems to have issues w/ these… no matter how small I cut them he shoves to many into his mouth so we stick to applesauce most of the time. When you buy applesauce make sure it says UNSWEETENED!).

And a recent new favorite of his are blueberries.
Since their not in season right now I buy them frozen and just let them thaw. He loves them!
(those should of been on the messy list though…)

Besides fruit Taites a huge veggie eater…

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He loves peas (I buy them frozen as well.. the can ones have to much salt!)… I just nuke the peas or put them in a pot on the stove to warm them up.. then add a dash of salt for flavor (although he’d prob. eat them plain).
He eats greenbeans well and cooked carrots.

Lentils is also a favorite of his (thanks nana). We like to cook them w/ carrots and peas. He eats that like candy!

He’ll also eat scalloped potatoes well…(mashed potatoes not so much.. texture thing I think)

As far as meats go…
He loves spaghetti (we use turkey burger instead of beef)
He also enjoys chopped up baked/grilled poke chops (really small pieces)
Chicken (I have to make sure its tender)… he has eaten boiled chicken, fried, baked, etc… he doesnt seem to care how its cooked.
The only thing he hasnt really eaten is beef. I think the only beef hes had was beef I used in a veggie soup.

I dont like steak, hamburgers, etc… so beef isnt in our home much… although my hubby does love it when we do have it.

Other foods he eats often are scrambled EGGS.

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Some Dr’s say not to give babies eggs because of allergies… but we have no allergies at all in our family w/ food (except my brother who has carrots issues, hehe)… so I had no worries with this. We tested a few bites with him a while ago and waited a few days.. he seemed fine.. so now he eats them on a regular basis. I try to buy hormone free eggs from hens that arent kept locked up.

Other food options…
Noodles! you can make simple noodles (we use gluton free ones) w/ just salt and butter… add in a few peas, etc… and hes good to go.
Soups are a good option (homemade veggie soups a fav of ours!) Be sure when you make your own soups to check the cans you mix in… so many of them have high fructose corn syrup!!

And of course you can add some cheese and milk for a childhood fav :-D

But like I said Taite eats almost anything we eat.

If food allergies run in your family be cautious with milk, eggs, strawberries and peanuts. Im sure you can ask your Dr. for a list of cautions…

I hope that helps…
to help more heres how Taite ate today…

8:30am – 6 oz bottle (2 oz of formula, 4 oz organic whole milk)
9:00am – half a banana
9:45am – 3 oz of formula to settle him for a nap.
12:00pm – cup of peas, the other half of the banana and a few baked french fries
1:00pm – 2 oz of formula with 4 oz milk) *nap*
4:00pm – Cup of juice (he isnt big on juice… so id say 2 oz)
5:00pm – 2 eggs (the boy can eat!) cup of blueberries
6:45pm – 2 oz formula/4 oz milk *bed time!*

I hope I was of some help :-)
I think as long as you feed them healthy foods and dont let them munch on junk all day then you are doing ok!

On a side note I added a bunch of new photos of Caleb to my Flickr Album. I seem to be behind on Calebs blog :-) so I thought I could atleast upload these adorable photos of him.

He was playing in the small pile of leaves outside our front door. Its so precious listening to him talk about things he imagines.

4 Comments on “Food Tips for Babes (for new Mamas)

  1. My pediatrician said that strawberries are not a problem b/c of food allergies but becasue of digestive problems. And then maybe not having too much citrus products until you know they can handle them…like oranges, tomatos,and pineapple. Although manadrin oranges in small quantities are ok – and have calcium! OHHH and beans:) Lydia has had a “gas” problem with beans so we don’t feed her too many:)

    And I’m stil worried Lydia doesn’t drink enough….but I think she’s doing the same as Taite:) So maybe I can let that concern rest :)

    Thanks girl!

  2. Something we’ve done with frozen peas is to leave them frozen and give them to Chloe as a snack. She loves them and it worked really good to sooth her gums when she was teething. You could do this with frozen blueberries too next time Taite is teething. :)

  3. Thanks so much Andrea. My lil guy is a stubborn eater. So he still eating some baby food. Just trying to feed him what I know he will eat because of his weight. I do appreciate this post. I will definately be trying most of these ideas. Very helpful!!! Thanks again.

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