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Babywearing Giveaway – Baby View

For all those pregnant Mamas out there… I have a fantastic giveaway for you!

I also have a 20% off coupon you can use to purchase one for yourself or bless another mom with a great wrap for their new bundle.

Also.. for fun I took a short clip of Taite on my back this morning. I am always curious what he looks like from the back while I wear him. Besides a few photos I cant really see what hes doing :-) or how he is acting… SO! I set the camera up while I had him on today… and decided to do a few dishes. He actually really enjoys watching me do dishes from that view. During the video though I could tell he was getting a bit sleepy. It was like 10:10am and hes normally in bed for a nap by 9:30am. Lately he hasn’t been napping that early though so I stretched him out a bit :-)

Its so cute watching him though! :-) Don’t mind my bird nest hair… I am at a loss for words about my hair lately. Its having some skeezit issues… MAJORLY. I kind of want to cut it… but at the same time I really want it long again! So… Im sorta waiting things out… its at that awkward “cant do anything” stage. Wearing it up seems to be my only option right now :-)

Off to wash! :-D

Enjoy the video…

4 Comments on “Babywearing Giveaway – Baby View

  1. Awe! What carry is that you have him in? Oh yeah, and is that a Pampered Chef measuring cup you were washing? I LOVE mine! I never use any others anymore!

    I’m off to put Bria down for a nap, and then I’m going to enter that contest..

  2. The dish washing gloves…I know about those. I get eczema on my hands so bad that I can’t do much with water for days, showering even makes them burn! Your hair looks fine btw. I just think Taite is the most darling baby boy I have ever seen, besides mine ofcourse…hehe.

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