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He was in the Pew

Tonight I kept Caleb with me in church for the 1st time in a while now.

I really want to start doing this on a regular basis. This morning I left him in his class during services because I was involved in a skit on stage… and had to use Taite in the skit (I was playing a hurried mom, haha!) and I knew had Caleb been in service this morning he would of gotten upset that Taite was on stage with me and he wasnt… but it wasnt the type of skit that I could let Caleb prance around and distract.. Taite was very good while I did my skit.. but afterwards was very ancy.

Back to the Pew though…
Tonight during worship I put Taite in nursery (he was the only baby hehe)… and had Caleb sit with me. Before worship he was off chatting with ladies from church. He really enjoys talking to people! Im thankful for that.

During service he did well. During the 1st half (singing, offering, etc…) he held the hymn book and pretended he was singing. During the preaching he sat very still. The only time he got up was at one point he wanted to sit on my lap and then at the end during the invitation he played with a cell phone sitting on the floor. But other than that he sat PERFECTLY still.

He had his big church bag and read “Where the Wild things Are” “Dinosaur Binkit” and looked through a flipbook I made him full of family/friend photos. He also had a few toys (small animals, that make no noise) to play with.

And of course… a sippy cup of milk ;-)

Ive seen many 3 year olds and some cant sit for 5 minutes… so for Caleb to sit for 1 hour and not throw one fit… and talk quietly.. I was very pleased!

*Photos taken are a bit dark and blurry… I didnt want to use a flash during worship ;-) I was trying to be sneaky about it.. SO! because it was all natural lighting and the room wasnt very bright the photos came out a bit grainy.*

*and also if you look closely in the 1st pic you can see my husband in the background hugging our neighbor haha.. also a church member.*

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  1. Go big boy Caleb, and mommy! What a fantastic first (in awhile) service. Providence didn’t even open her church bag yesterday. Getting old? She’s had it for over a year now. Though I DO try to switch up the contents every so often.

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