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One of those days…

My boys have been getting at each other SO BAD the past few days… I MEAN terribly… You cannot leave them alone together… or else someone is hitting, biting, throwing, screaming, banging, annoying, you name it.

I blame it on the lack of sleep this week. Getting to bed at 9:00pm sometimes 9:30pm… verses 7:30pm is a big difference… as well as waking up earlier! So they are a tad sleep deprived…

I just pray that things improve from the state they are this morning.
Cause if they don’t… today will be one of those days…

You moms know exactly what I’m talking about.

On a totally different note. The other day I experienced a very ethnic church service. I had to run power point for my friend Jenns church… and they had a very diverse crowd. Where as our church is all Caucasian, mostly. I personally wish we had more color in our church. Even today it seems like so many towns are segregated… I don’t like this.

Worship4 - The Speaker and a Judge!

The worship at Jenns church was so fun. Very up lifting and upbeat. The crowd got into it. Raising hands, even some dancing.

At the end of the service people went to the alter. It was so refreshing to see black and white hugging and praying over each other. I even had two ladies come up to me in the back and hug/pray for me. I was back there taking photos HAHA.

Just because someones skin doesnt match us… doesnt mean we cant worship together. I hope that one day our church is filled with the color Jenns was filled with that day. It was a real blessing to me.

Worship6- Prayer

Now off to make the best of todays rocky start….

6 Comments on “One of those days…

  1. good luck today…

    I feel the same way some days-

    ummm… yep… I can hear them now (and they just get louder as they get older)

  2. I hope the boys start behaving better today, else it’s going to be a rough one for sure! I bet you’re right – lack of sleep is probably the culprit. I hope it’s not too rough on you all! And that is a very awesome thing to see, at your friend’s church. I too hope it can be like that someday, everywhere.

  3. I hope your boys share some hugs soon and give their momma a break!
    The church I used to attend was very diverse. I really miss that in my current church, so I know what you mean. Different backgrounds and cultures in a church can be a challenge, but they are certainly more of a blessing than anything else.

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