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Gives me a break

Our house is closely connected to 3 or so other homes. Our back yards arent large… so to walk to the neighbors house 2 doors down isnt far at all.

One thing Caleb and Taite have picked up lately is to run to our neighbors house (after asking of course).

They love going over there all alone. I watch them from the deck… and most times this happens while im hanging clothes outside. Mrs. Madeline lets the boys in every time :-) gives them snacks and lets them run around or watch TV. Gives me a break!

Its sweet to see. Shes really good with the boys.

I took a video of them running to her house… and random stuff around the yard. Also at the beginning of the video is a scene from the Japanese steak house we went to on Calebs birthday. We were joined by our Chiropractor (and friend), and his girlfriend. They dont have children so I think they get a kick out of watching us with ours.

During the meal though this Japanese man comes and sings the most CRAZY version of Happy birthday to Caleb. Caleb just stared at him! He didnt know what to think. Finally towards the end he cracked a smile. It was the funniest thing.