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My experience with the Neti Pot

Well as much as I wish I looked as beautiful as the lady to the left using my neti pot for the 1st time…

I must admit I was not that pretty HAHA…

This is probably a more accurate photo to describe how I looked


Beautiful I know :)

So really… my thoughts on my experience with the Neti Pot.

I can’t believe I actually tried it… but seriously… after weeks of being sick I was willing to try almost anything.

I sent Travis on a walmart run to buy the walmart version of the Neti Pot… and tonight gave it a go.



Despite my beauty not shining through during this particular time in my life lol… as water oozed out the nose… I will say that I had ZERO trouble using it. I thought for sure my gag reflex would kick in and id choke or drown… but I got it on the 1st try.

I am so stopped up though that when I used it on my left side the water barely could get through… it was like a slow leak… instead of a clean flow.

I survived though and actually look forward to my next neti pot experience… which will be in the morning! I plan to do this twice a day. Morning and night… until I start to clear up.

I felt much better after just one use… so I can imagine after a weeks worth of uses it really clears you out.

To those curious where to buy this. Like I stated above.. I got mine from walmart. The photo to the right is an image of the walmart one I found. It was like $10 bucks. Comes with lots of sinus solution as well. Its totally natural!

Note: My boys seemed to enjoy watching this way to much :)

8 Comments on “My experience with the Neti Pot

  1. I’m glad you “liked” it!! (well, liked, as in, it worked well and you got good results). My best friend has lots of allergies and she now uses hers regularly and LOOOOVES it for the results she gets! She had me try it once when I was having sinus issues and it was so relieving!

  2. I am so glad you tried it and postedon it. I have wanted to try it for YEARS but was too scared! Now I am all over it the enxt time I get sick. I sure hope you get better soon.

  3. I’m so glad it worked for you! I found too, that when I was really stuffed up, it hardly could get through. So I’d stop and blow, then start again. It’s amazing what it loosens up though…

  4. I got a bad sinus infection just before we were supposed to fly home this spring (half way around the world) and our host had a WWII era neti pot. It looked like a miniature teapot in ceramic and all! But it totally worked and we had fun laughing at me!

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