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Not perfect but cannot imagine …

I must admit… this week we have faced some discipline issues in our home.
Both our boys have been rising really early in the morning (no matter what we do)… and refuse to nap some days… which results in very easily frustrated children, cranky, tired and down right RUDE behavior. There have been times I lost my cool. Its hard not to sometimes… when time and time again your child disobeys, when you KNOW they know what they are doing is wrong… and you feel like your efforts to correct this behavior is for a loss cause… when time and time again it keeps happening, over… and over again. Sound familiar to anyone?

Over all though my children are really well behaved, I think. They arent perfect. My boys are both very strong willed.. both of them VERY animated and outspoken. They realize though that there is discipline and consequences… the key for us is to remain constant and not to ignore behavior just because we dont want to deal with it.

Parenting is hard!
To those who do not have kids yet… and think “oh my kid wont be like that…” bite your tongue :) because you have NO IDEA LOL. I use to think that very same thing… when I was pregnant with Caleb and I would see toddlers and children misbehave… I use to think to myself “well.. they just don’t know how to discipline obviously… cause my kid will not act that way at that age.” HAH!


Now that my boys are 5 and almost 3… I have experienced my share of those “behaviors” I remember watching other kids do… and thinking mine would never do. Children are going to misbehave… they will disobey… Its just another evidence of how we are all born sinners.

I think as parents though we have to learn to correct those behaviors… and direct our children. They need discipline.

Tonight while my husband studied… and worked on church stuff… I rested in the bedroom and watched Super Nanny on Hulu. I’m not sure if this episode is old or not :) but it was about a family with TWO sets of twins. Ages 6 and 4. Two boys, two girls.

I was just amazed at how these kids treated their parents….

I mean their 4 yr old was KICKING HIS MOTHER IN THE FACE at one point…. I cannot imagine my child doing that… Caleb may hit his brother occasionally *mostly in play*… but I have never had him try to purposely kick me out of anger… that alone should wake a family up.

Super Nanny I think has some good methods… although many times I think they are way to “reserved” … and not strict enough… but thats just me :)

It makes me sad however when I see shows like this… where the parents cant even enjoy their children because there is no structure… or discipline in the home.

Children are suppose to be a blessing!! Not a burden and pain… Sure there will be times you just want a break… and time alone… even with the best behaved children, those times come for all parents. But to get up and face what those parents were facing… I just cannot imagine. How can you enjoy your kids when they act that way?

It does encourage me with how we are raising our children… although learn daily mistakes we make as parents… we are flawed in so many ways… Just like our children we are just as sinful and full of error… and need correction ourselves. I believe we are doing exactly as the Word teaches us though… and that with prayer and consistence our children will grow up to be respectful young men. I am thankful the Lord has shown us through his word and given us the foundation to parent.

Note: BTW the photo of Taite above was taken at the parade on thursday :) he was upset because I took his spider man toy. Can you hear his scream? :) He quickly calmed down however. Made for a great picture I think LOL

4 Comments on “Not perfect but cannot imagine …

  1. I must admit, I am one of those people who says “I will never allow my kids to act like that!”. But most of the time I say that when I see children talking back, hitting or just plain disrespecting their parents, and their parents just ignore it!

    Your right, kids NEED discipline. I don’t think parenting will be easy, but when I see parents not giving kids the discipline they need, it just kills me! From all my experience working with kids/teens, I have learnt that kids really CRAVE discipline! They need that consistancy!

    And I totally agree with you, we are not perfect and never will be on this earth. But if we put all of our trust and hope in God, and obey His commands I believe our kids will grow up to be amazing people!

  2. Thanks for this post! You and Travis have a good perspective on parenthood, and Tad and I are both watching and learning from you whether you realize it or not. :) Thanks for being transparent.

  3. good thoughts, especially the emphasis on prayer. we often try every other biblical principle before prayer.

    (typing with my right hand only this time, so i’m keeing it short)

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