anniversary, travis

7 years…

My favoriteWho would of thought that by age 26 I would of been married 7 years… WOW :)

It goes by very fast.

So here we are…

7 years later…
(Our Anniversary is Jan 4th, Monday) 

and the Lord is about to bless us with a 3rd baby boy.

I pray the Lord continues to direct Travis and I… help us to be forgiving, giving… help us to cherish one another and honor each other. 

Marriage is not something that just flows and works on its own. It takes work… it takes prayer… it takes an understanding of the covenant you make and vow not only before each other… but before God.

I love you Travis & I look forward to many more years and MANY MANY MANY MORE BABIES! (jk Dad LOL! we wont go to crazy)

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  1. Happy Anniversary!!! Ryan and I just celebrated 6 years – hard to believe we’ve been married women for so long, right?? Hope your day is wonderful!

  2. happy belated anniversary! you two are a picture of perfection! funny side note this year will be mine and my hubbys 7th year and we just had our 3rd as well :)

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