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Cloth Diapers, again?

I know there are LOTS of post out there about cloth diapering… many of my readers have asked if I plan to use cloth diapers again this time around… and while I was debating it a few months ago… I have decided to use them.

With Taite I used them from age 4mo. – potty training age (for him around 22mo-24mo.). I used almost exclusively Bum Genius Diapers. I found “seconds” on sale at Cotton Babies and jumped on it. By “seconds” I mean they were reduced in price due to small sewing flaws. I believe the cost per diaper was $11.


I probably invested about $175.00 on his stash. I was able to get a few diapers free via SIMPLE… or gifts… but most I did buy myself.

For this baby I invested in a few more diapers…
I will list those and what I used with Taite below.

With this next baby I do plan to use DISPOSABLE diapers the 1st few weeks-months. I was given disposables as gifts and want to use them… but also the 1st few months is HARD. You are adjusting to a lot… and for me the last thing I want to worry with is cleaning poop and pee off cloth. Newborns go so often… that it just seems like a lot to take on during that time.

Once I am able to get on a schedule… get adjusted… then ill begin using cloth again.

I will still however use disposables for night time and travel. In my experience that just works best for us.


Heres a list of what I have for this baby…

– Around 15 Bum Genius 3.0 Diapers – Im guess the number I have of these… cause honestly I havent counted… but its enough cloth to last about a day 1/2.

I do have a few assorted brands… such as:
– Some Baby Love Diapers by Kidalog – I used these for home use only… they were inexpensive but did not hold in wetness as good as the Bum Genius. Bamboo Fitted – Love her diapers… made by a great lady who offers great products. If I had money to buy my stash over I would buy A LOT from her. Her covers for potty training are great!

Hautes Pockets – Similar to Bum Genius. I like that they offer it in a SNAP version.

Dream Eze Fitted – These are ok.. they are all together and easy to use… also VERY TRIM.. so if you dont like bulk these are great.. but they did not work well for really messy diapers…

New Purchases…. (for new baby)
indianprefolds6 unbleached Indian Pre-Folds – has these for $1.00 a piece!!! I just got my order in yesterday and they are fantastic. I figured for $1 each that it be worth buying… if I didnt end up using them for cloth diapering I could use them for burp clothes. I purchased the newborn size… I intend on using these just during the newborn stage for now.

Snappi – With prefolds its nice to have a snappi. Its like the new version of the diaper pin :)

Bamboo Deluxe Fitted Diaper by Bum Genius – I ordered 3 of these and wish I had gotten more. THEY ARE SO NICE! These diapers are however discontinued… so you may have trouble finding them. has them in the size small right now for a steal! I may actually buy a few more they are so cheap for fitteds. With fitted diapers like the prefolds you do need diaper covers…

– Flip: One-Size Diaper Cover
– This is a new product put out by They actually have it so you can use it with DISPOSABLE inserts. I got it though because it got some good reviews as a normal Diaper Cover. It will be one of the covers I use with the pre-folds and fitted bamboo diapers.

Thirsties Duo Wrap Cover (Small) – This is another diaper cover I intend on using with the newborn stage. Its made great!

flipThirsties Duo Wrap DIAPER – This is different than the Duo Wrap Cover. This is similar to the Bum Genius 3.0 diapers. I got two of these to review and look forward to posting my review on them for SIMPLE. I also get to giveaway a set on SIMPLE :-) so be on the look out for that.

Other Items I use as well:

Diaper Pail
Cloth Diaper Pail liner
(both from
Wet Bag (this is used to put wet diapers in while traveling – also great for non-cloth diapering moms… who need a bag to keep incase of a kid having an accident or something)

On my “wish list”:

A diaper sprayer to connected to our toilet.

OK! So lots of information…

For me having enough diapers to make it past 2 days is best. Some moms wash their cloth diapers ONCE a day… I didnt like doing that… it was to much laundry for me :)

With the current stash I have I can go 2 days.. at least that was the case with Taite :)

How I washed my cloth diapers:
I found a SAFE detergent for them… and actually I now MAKE my own detergent.

For me I typically only needed to do 1 wash… if the diapers were REALLY bad I would just do a 2nd wash and it was fine.

How I dry my diapers:

All my BUMGENIUS diapers I hang dry! They will last longer if you do not dry them in a dryer.. Also if you use a dryer they may shrink some. I DO however dry all my inserts, fitteds and prefolds.

Covers I hang as well.

During the summer I would always hang the diapers outside… even inserts.. Just because it helped take out stains. The sun is an amazing stain remover :)

DO NOT USE BLEACH to clean stains from your diapers..

ALSO DO NOT USE FABRIC SOFTENER!! It affects the absorbency.

If you still have issues with SMELL after washing your diapers use some white vinegar in a rinse… that seems to help.

SO DO I SAVE ANYTHING after all this?!

ACTUALLY YES… and I have found a great tool online that helps determine your savings according to what you buy and use.

If you are on a tighter budget using pre-folds w/ covers is the best option.. pre-folds are so cheap you can get enough with a few covers to work great… for very little.. FOR ME however.. im on the go so much that pre-folds were not the diaper of choice. Using Bum Genius Diapers were like using disposables in many ways… just I had to wash them. My husband had no problem changing or cleaning the diapers himself if need be. So I did pay a bit more… but in my eyes I still saved so its all good :)

I figured up in my head how much Ive spent on cloth diapers… Including wet bags, diaper pail, etc… and the cost was around $225.00 for everything…

With my total being $225.00 here is what I will be saving.

I will break even in 13.03 weeks or 3 months.
I will save $285.37 in 6 months.
I will save $665.62 in 10 months.
I will save $855.75 in 1 year.
I will save $1426.12 in 1 1/2 years.

And just think about it… most babies are not trained until 2 1/2 or 3 yrs old.. so you may save even more!


My post I think is a bit all over the place.. I was going to do a VLOG showing all my diapers… but I just dont see having the time this week.. so I wanted to just go ahead and get this up while it was on my mind.

I may come back and post photos of my own diapers later :)

Feel free to ask me any questions!
I dont think cloth diapering is for everyone… For me it was strictly a MONEY issue. I mean im all for “saving the environment” :) and being eco friendly… but that was not my motivation to use cloth..

I knew if it saved me money it was worth it.
Since we had planned to have more kids after Taite, it just made sense!

Thats the beauty of cloth… I can re-use these with the next baby… and the next… and the more I can use them the more ill save.

Even if I have to buy new ones at some point, ill still end up saving a lot of money and for me that is just a wise investment to make.

IMG_3608 copy
*Photo taken during Summer 2007. Taite and my oldest son Caleb outside painting with CHALK paint. Taite is wearing a Bum Genius diaper in the photo*

7 Comments on “Cloth Diapers, again?

  1. I have a lot of questions, haha. Thanks for posting this! I’m very interested in the Flip Cover and using the inserts. So, if you use the inserts, you don’t need another diaper in it? I’d like to save money, but I often feel like the nice cloth diapers are so expensive, and then covers, and the extra laundry is time and expense (we use target brand diapers during the day and have saved a heap load)….but if that’s the case with the Flip cover only needing inserts (that are cheaper than other diapers), well, I can see the savings with that, and I just may have to try it! And the cover really doesn’t need to be changed every diaper change? It sounds too good to be true. And this is silly, but how do you use the prefolds without pins…then you use the snappis? How do they attach?

  2. Yay for cloth! I am giving it a better try this time around and I just went a little cloth diaper happy on Etsy! I already bought the bumgenius bamboo and a few of their all in one 3.0’s, also have a stock of gdiapers but love buying stuff from work at home moms! And found some great deals on cute organic cloth all in ones on Etsy!

  3. So exciting to hear you’re looking into using cloth diapers. I didn’t at all with Jacob, all I could remember is folding and washing diapers ALL time time when my sisters were little. I thought it was old fashioned haha. But by time time Jacob was finishing up potty training I wish I had them. I hated buying a whole pack of disposables when he hardly wore them.

    So now I use them almost 100% with Riley. Other than when I go out.

    As for pre-folds, I haven’t ever used them. All mine are velcro tabbed all-in-ones. They are soooo easy. I guess I must be in a hurry every time I change bums :) I would like to splurge and get a really nice, colorful, absorbent all-in-one for night time.

  4. Hi Becky, I honestly think the cost of the flip inserts would not save you anything. The point of those are for moms who want to be eco-friendly with less waste… but the savings would not be great because you have to constantly buy new inserts… and you cant buy them locally or on sale obviously.

    I got my flip cover to use with the prefolds because I heard its a nice cover to use with those or fitted cloth diapers. I did get a free box of the disposable inserts and once I use them I will blog how i like those… and how they work.. but as of now I have no experience w/ the flip inserts.

    The snappi that holds the prefolds together is really simple to use.. it just snaps onto the cloth. Just go to and type in “how to use snappi on prefold” and you will see some demo videos showing that.

    With covers you really only have to change them if they get stinky on them… if its just pee you can re-use it throughout the day… you just replace the pre-fold or fitted diaper part.

    Hope that helps!

  5. Drea, you can also get the Flip with cloth inserts. There are a few options actually. And if you want to go even cheaper for a similar product, Cotton Babies also offers Econobum, which comes WITH the prefolds and the covers. You just don’t get the pretty colors. They are all white. I’ve heard good things about both.

  6. Maybe to clarify… The Flip is available with three different types of inserts. There are two cloth options, organic, and stay dry. Then there are the disposable inserts. You can also buy the covers separately. So if you bought the kit with the inserts, you wouldn’t need the disposables OR the prefolds.

    The Econobum is similar, except that it is a special prefold make to fit exactly in the Econobum cover. You can get them in kits as well.

  7. Thanks everybody! Yes, I was thinking of the washable/cloth inserts for the Flip cover. I guess I should’ve been more specific. Stacey, thanks for sharing the Econobum…I’m now looking at them too! I am really interested in trying this out with my little guy. I love that they are one size so with our next baby (hopefully) they can have the same diapers!

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