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His alone time..

IMG_5439While Caleb is at pre-school Taite is alone with me. Not a bad thing… but with my inability to crawl around and play like I use 2… he gets kind of bored :)

I played Trains with him yesterday and after about 20 minutes of that I felt like I had done 100 squats. Remember last time I did this I ended up in the hospital with the pre-term contractions?

I have been watching Taite though and I think this “alone time” is good for him… it is giving him a chance to learn how to entertain himself!

Once baby comes there will be lots of alone time for both Caleb and Taite. I will have to devote a lot of time just towards baby…

Caleb is aware of this :)

He has told me many times already “When that baby comes… you will have to watch him ALL the time and Daddy will have to take care of us.”

Calebs been through the transition from “baby to brother.” I do believe the transition for Taite will be easier than it was for Caleb :) because unlike Caleb… Taite has his big brother to keep him company during those harder days.


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