The 34th Week

sideview34weeksI am finally into the real “safe zone!” Of course babies can be born before 34 weeks… but the chances of complications is much higher before now. I am so grateful to have made it this far.

I will be honest though im not sure how much longer I will last.

Baby has dropped this past week… I even got many comments this past Sunday at church from ladies who noticed it as well.

Last week I could sit up in bed indian style with no problem… This week I cant! When I sit that way it seriously feels like I am squishing the baby… He is so incredibly low.

Baby is HEAD DOWN. Hes been this way since early on. My midwife said all looks well and im measuring perfectly.

I meant to give a weight update last week but forgot.

I am now at 133 lbs.

Thats a total weight gain of 18 lbs since getting pregnant.

So I am right on track.

With my boys I put on around 25lbs by 38 weeks (which is when I had both of them).

If my body continues the tradition :) that means I only have 4 weeks left… although Im skeptical ill make that mark this time.

34weeksinsideContractions? Many … Not those tiny braxton hicks either… these are real deal contractions that catch your breath. I counted many yesterday… but nothing TO consistent so I wasnt to concerned.

All in all I feel well.

Sleeping is still a challenge… but thats expected at this point :)

I go to the Dr. next week for another check up… then after that I go once every week until the birth.

Oh and to those curious… baby is around 18 inches long and around 5lbs or so (According to baby

*View a front belly view HERE

*Last weeks (33) belly photo HERE

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  1. Lookin good :) Maybe we’ll have our babies on the same day! That would be so neat. I’m getting the feeling that this baby is coming soon too, though I’m praying HARD that it’s not ‘just a feeling’!

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