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Studio Days Over?

If you read yesterdays post you may of seen some nursery photographs in it. As you can see… I nested this morning and changed things up a bit…






I kept looking at this room thinking how much I disliked having the crib shoved in the corner… I had it where the bed is now (futon, folds up a lot smaller if need be). I almost felt like I had the baby secluded and put away. I had it that way though so that when Id have indoor portraits I would have a spot to set up my backdrop stand…

But you know… I really do think my Studio Days are Over.
I might do newborn/toddler portraits inside but obviously families or couples wont do in this room any more… I just dont think we have the room in our current home. Its to small. I have no other spot to put our baby :) and keeping him in our room for to long is out of the question. Once a baby sleeps through the night Im all about putting them in their own space.

The nursery currently does serve as a guestroom/my closet/studio… I am able to store all my photo blankets and props under the crib and above on the shelf unit… My clothing is stored in the closet. Leaving me just 1 dresser and the hanging unit my dad made me for baby clothes. Its just a lot going on.

You make do with what you got… and although I will admit im sad I dont have a studio anymore :( I am excited to fill the room with a sweet little baby soon enough.

If anything this will just challenge me with my photography to do more on location indoor shooting and continue to use natural lighting outdoors.

Some day we will have a home where I can have my “own space” and pursue my passion as a photographer more…
… but for now the Lord has me as a mom. This time passes very quickly. I can be that “photographer” any time and for now work with what I got!

4 Comments on “Studio Days Over?

  1. i like the way you set up that room :-) Nesting nesting nesting LOL Come on baby mama is doing her part please do yours!!!

    We have a small house too and I know the feeling.

  2. It’s hard when it comes to not having enough space as you’d like for photography…I know the feeling! We have a 3 bdrm 2 story home, so all the rooms are upstairs and our basement is unfinished, so it the winter (and keep in mind our winters get to -40 and colder!) my “studio space” is almost unusable. But I have re-arranged a few things (a few times! haha) and decided to only use my studio for boudoir, newborn & maternity, otherwise I’ll do work outdoors. I really wish I had more space than I do, but I’m thankful to at least have what i have…at least we have carpet down there!
    Although I’m sure you’re sad to see your studio work come to a temp. hault, I do think you’ll be happy to have a baby room that doesn’t serve so many purposes! The room looks great by the way :)

  3. Aw looks adorable! At least you live in an area where it is warm most of the year and you usually shoot outside. And you can always do on location newborn photography like myself, of course taking all the stuff to the clients home is not a joy, but I hate for a client to have to bring a newborn out of the comfort of their home :)
    PS, the joy of 3 boys is they can SHARE a bedroom :)

  4. I know the feeling…we have a very small house (barely 900 sq. ft.). So most of our rooms are multi-fuctional! The kitchen is also the dining room, office, crafting spot (scrapbook & sewing) AND laundry room! Our living room always becomes the toy room and the kids have to share a room (since we only have 2!) and it also becomes a wreck in 2 seconds since there isn’t much room. Staying content is hard in this house…because I don’t feel that it’s selfish to want a bigger house. We have college “foster” kids that come for meals every week so having 8-10 extra college kids in here makes it crowded to say the least! BUT this is where God has us and we love our neighbors. Some day we will be someplace bigger where the kids (boy & girl) can have their own rooms and I can have a crafting room, etc. “For I have learned in whatsoever state I am, to be content” Coming from Paul & when he said this…a small house is *nothing*! :) So I keep telling myself and finding ways to make it feel less small.

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