Owen’s Birth Slideshow

I finally had some time this afternoon to edit some birth photos after doing my taxes
(yes we are behind on those… been kinda busy!).

I LOVE that we had Kelly there to photograph the birth of Owen.

It was one of the best decisions we’ve made… seriously… Travis even told me how much he liked not having to fiddle with a camera during the labor… having Kelly in charge of that took a lot off him and really helped him to be free to be there for me during everything. Although I think Kelly was there just as much 2 :) I remember listening for her and my midwife/nurse throughout the entire labor… Was a big help.

Despite my not looking GLAMOROUS in these photographs :) I want to share them. They are so special to me and I know one day Owen will be glad he has these as well.

Owens Birth Photos HERE

*CLICK PLAY in the center of slide show to start*

27 Comments on “Owen’s Birth Slideshow

  1. Oh wow! I’m trying to get a feeling of what childbirth is going to be like coming up soon, and I’m scared to death! I love all your pictures and I am going to try and find someone to photograph my birth! Owen is just precious and I know that all the pain you went through must be worth it loving on that little handsome man! :) Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love the slideshow :) I so badly want to have my birth photographed as well, but don’t think I would feel compfortable with someone I didn’t know doing it, and I don’t know anyone that would do it for me, so I’m feeling a little discouraged about that…but I hope something will work out still…I do have 10.5 weeks to figure something out yet!

  3. {sniffle} That was absolutely beautiful! You did a great job on the slideshow…couldn’t have picked a better song. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Wonderful… just wonderful…

    My third’s entry into this world in January only took four minutes from the time we arrived at the hospital… we have so few photos due to how fast she came!

    I know that you’ll treasure these pictures of Owen’s Birth Day. They’re beautiful!

  5. Oh geesh Andrea! I feel really honored to be “serenading” your slideshow! I was 8 mos. pregnant with Mylo when that was recorded. :)

    Kelly did a PHENOMENAL job! Love how she captured all the emotions. Beautiful!

    Where are all the gory pics?? Teehee. ;)

  6. You have been on my mind but I was in Japan when you gave birth and I plunged into tax hell after I came home and didn’t have time to check on you until today. I overlooked this email probably because it came while I was not home. Congratulations!
    You are a strong woman! And you are a lucky woman to have a caring husband at your side (I have friends who had child birth alone.) Happy childraising!

    From childless Hisae

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