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Don’t do this before a Labor

SO! this morning at like 6:30am I got a phone call from THIS LADY.

Ok ok.. ill post her pic here 2, for those who are to lazy to go to that link :)


Isn’t she stunning?!

Ok, so I photographed her maternity portraits about a month ago… and she then asked me to photograph the birth!

How could I not! :-)

I absolutely love photographing the birth experience… and im really trying to market myself for this… so the more times I can do it, the better. I am touched any time someone trust me enough to experience that with them and capture those special memories.

IMG_0985So back to the story…

Today at 6:30am I am informed Blythe is in labor… and around 4-5 cm.

I was nervous being so far away (45 min from the hospital) that I wouldnt make it in time if I waited to late… so I went ahead and got dressed and ready to go.

I was a bit sad though because today was the AWANA recognition service at our church… and both my two older boys were a part of it… I hated to miss them up there singing their songs and getting their awards… but in this situation what can you do?! I obviously couldnt tell the mom “wait and have him tomorrow” LOL :-)

So I went on in…

She was doing well but the midwife did not think she would have the baby until around 5pm… since she got the epidural and was progressing rather slowly after that.

Thats typical with any birth with an epidural. So I asked if she was ok if I went back to my church to see Caleb & Taite in the services… She said sure.

So I drove back home… (remember its a 45 min ride).
Got back to the church around 10:15am.

Got a call at that point that she was 7cm.
I still figured “thats ok.. I got time.”

IMG_0447I got to church as normal… got to see Taite & Caleb perform… it was SO CUTE!!!

Although BOTH MY BOYS picked their noses at some point hah… and I got pictures of them to prove it. They were just ADORABLE though and I am so happy that I was able to see things.

Around 11:45 I got a txt msg from Blythe telling me she was feeling a lot of pressure and that I should go in…

So I went ahead and got my bag… and then left Owen in the hands of Aliesha (our youth pastors wife).
I had talked to her before hand abt watching him for me… since my husband couldnt (hard to direct a service as the Pastor and tend to a newborn at the same time)





*Kelly’s lil girl Anna was there 2!*


I get to my car right around noon…
& as I pull out my drive way I get a call from Blythes husband telling me Blythe is 10cm…. and she is pushing!

“oh no!”
was my 1st thought LOL.

I was 45 minutes away!!!

I will admit…
I went a teeny tiny bit over the speed limit on the way there HAHA…

& despite my doubts that Id get there in time…

I DID! & had plenty of time to grab lots of fantastic memories for the family.

Bless Blythes heart… she had to push for like 2 1/2 hrs… but she did amazing and stayed strong.

I finished up at the hospital around 3pm…

I then came back home, got home around 4… then at 4:45 I get a call that I had a meeting at church at 5pm with the youth council…

So I went to that… and then got home some time after 6? I forget honestly haha… but lets just say today was EXTREMELY BUSY!!!

& tomorrow morning I was SUPPOSE to have a family session at 9:30am… but due to RAIN in the forecast til wednesday, that shoot was reschedule… which I think was for the best… but I do look forward to doing their pictures in another week or so. :)

Busy day… but it went well.

Congrats Blythe he is so sweet!! I cant wait to see him again :)




& Thank you again Aliesha for watching Owen! You don’t realize what a help that was! Travis couldn’t of done it without your help… and obviously I couldnt of left without your help either :)

& also a big thank you to Travis who watched my older two almost all day :)

and… just a note….

DON’T DO P90X PLYOMETRICS BEFORE A LABOR! lol… I did this workout saturday afternoon and my legs felt like sore noodles all day… at times I wasnt sure id be able to stand they were hurting so bad! So yea… next time I am about to photograph a birth :) I will skip doing P90X heehee.

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  1. yay for another birth session! sweet pictures!

    It went kind of like my 2nd birth session, Mom called at 9:30 at 4 cm, she said no rush, and would call later in the afternoon. One hour later she was ready to push! I definitely broke the speed limit and sprinted thru the hospital and arrived moments before baby did!

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