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Messy house – your not alone!!

This is for my friend Kelly :) who is having us over tonight to hang out while our husbands go see a movie (guys night out).
She said she was ashamed at how messy her home is :) and I told her to make her feel better id take a photo of our VERY MESSY house haha… this week has just been so hectic!! im way behind on all my house work… but you know.. life goes on :) and it will all get cleaned…


*note: please excuse my poor photo quality :-) kinda goes with the messy look of the house tho hehe, but I didnt have time to take professional looking messy pics!*





yes…. its bad…
& theres still more! lol







Ohh wait forgot to show the kitchen sink…


Like my tooth brush in the window seal?

YES I told you :) Its messy. Im sure yours cant be any worse! HAHA.
Notice I didnt show our bathrooms… THOSE ARE REALLYYY BAD!!! :-D

I got a good excuse tho… a needy newborn!


Hes so worth it, I mean seriously does that face look like he cares if our house is clean all the time? :)

16 Comments on “Messy house – your not alone!!

  1. lol, that is not so bad, but mine is looking very similar with baby clothes, blankets, clothes and more clothes and clothes baskets!
    And lol, Silas’s cradle is cloth diaper storage :)

  2. If only I had a needy newborn as my excuse! I will say that it does not look dirty, only lived in! You have 3 boys, I don’t think anyone expects spotless all the time with anyone who has kids! Especially a newborn…and mine are 3 & 6….no newborns & I’m pretty sure it’s way worse!

  3. thanks Drea for sharing these pictures with us and for your honesty!!!

    Life with a young family is not easy, at least not for me!!! I sometimes feel like I’m the only one that “can’t keep up” and I have no excuse like working outside our home or being involved in lots of activities etc… I’m home all day everyday! Going to church is the only time I leave the house!!!

    Maybe that is our problem , we are always here so I’m continually clean while the mess is continually being made LOL!!!

    But yes housekeeping is not the same as homemaking! We could be excellent housekeepers but a bad homemaker. I rather be welcoming my husband and kids with a smile and patience then a super clean house and me getting overtired and grumpy and sap if anyone dare to make a mess!!!

    You are a good Mama Drea and the kiddos will soon be old enough to give you a hand with chores :-)

  4. That’s not bad at all, Andrea! Our house looks like that too…until right before I go to bed. Then I try to straighten it up and get ready for it to be messed up again in the morning:) Aah, the life with little ones!

  5. This makes me feel good about my house being messy too! Except you have three kids, which gives you an excuse for a messy house anytime! :)

  6. Add every toy in the playroom spread from their bedroom to the living room and this would be my house everyday. I can’t keep up. It is crazy and makes me crazy (er).

  7. Yes! Thanks:) I really should have taken pics before we stared cleaning up!!! The kids even tried to tidy up their rooms since they had Taite and Caleb coming;)

    My excuses are new baby and wanting to organize their toys in the new “toy storage” area. Just need to figure out how to organize it!!

  8. love it!
    and honestly, i’m kind of relieved! because my home looks like this A LOT and i always have the feeling that others are much better housekeepers than i am….

  9. Girl, I’m right there with ya. Before this week, my house was a complete disaster. With company over I finally just had enough with it all and started a major Spring Cleaning overhaul…to which I’m still not done. If we don’t use it, its getting donated with hopes of less “stuff” means “less cleaning”…hey one can dream right? The house can so easily go from spotless to a disaster zone in a matter of a blink of an eye especially with so many kidlets running around. I feel your pain on a daily basis. I’m sure all the mommas out there can relate.

  10. Drea, it’s like that for all of us. I had breast duct surgery and couldn’t bend over for about 3 weeks. I quickly noticed that ALL the mess was on the floor with 3 kids and a messy husband. After about a week of this, it was VERY apparent. I brought it to my family’s attention because NONE of it was mine. I realized that I walk around all day picking up random toys, etc. from the floor. Without me to do it…you could’ve used a shovel!

  11. Truly it IS like that for everyone, I”m sure of it. My house is rarely clean…lol. I desperately wish it was. I need to invite company over more often, because then there is a better chance of it being clean (and a better chance of hubby helping to clean it)

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