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Well, no turning back now!

Yesterday evening I cooked one of my boys favorite foods.

Kelly’s Chicken Recipe :-)
It really is an awesome recipe!! Our kids love it.

All you do is get 4-6 chicken thighs (with the bones)
– 1 cup soy sauce
– 1 cup brown sugar
– 2 tsp ketchup
– Garlic Salt

Actually that may not be the exact measurements, I have made this so much I eye it.. but thats about right.

IMG_0049You bake it in a baking dish (so all the thighs are laying flat), sprinkle garlic salt or powder on them, then pour the soy sauce/brown sugar/ketchup mixture all together over the chicken. Bake uncovered at 375 F for 1 hour, flipping the chicken every 15-20 minutes.

Then serve over rice.

I love jasmine rice and as we were eating last night Owen was beside us gumming away, drooling over our food.

I didnt want to feed him the rice with the chicken sauce on it… since it contains a good bit of salt… so I grabbed him some PLAIN JASMINE RICE and tried it out.

He ate it without me mashing it at all. He was so adorable to watch.

As he finished the rice Travis said “Why not give him some peaches too?”

Earlier that day I baked a entire pan full of fresh peaches for him… and had them pureed in the freezer and extra in the fridge.

I figured it wouldnt hurt :-) and so he had peaches last night too. He reallyyyy liked this, who wouldnt! It taste awesome.

I have a feeling now that Owen has had food a few times now, he will expect it any time we eat. I love this stage where they get to try new things.

Although at the same time it kind of makes me sad… because it just shows how quickly Owen has grown. He is far from newborn age now… Although bigger he is just as cuddly and sweet!!



& for fun I snagged a quick video of Owen eating some rice.

NOTE: (To bake peaches btw, you cut the peaches in half, take out the seed, leave the skin on… put them face down in the baking dish with an inch of water or so, bake at 400F for 40 minutes – Peel skin once they are cooled, then blend it and you’re done!)

3 Comments on “Well, no turning back now!

  1. It cracks me up how some kids are just READY for food. Owen certainly looks ready. It seems like the more kids you have, the earlier the babies want food. I’m sure they watch the others and just know something good is happening.

  2. I agree he is ready. For breakfast don’t forget you can mix the rice cereals with a little applesauce or pureed peaches would be nice too. I’m sure he is loving sharing meals with the rest of the family.

  3. My son REFUSED to eat any kind of baby food (pureed) when he was 7 months old. From that moment on, it was straight up big people food and he never looked backed! Now he’s almost 3 and can out-eat ME at some meals! Malia is right–you can tell when some kids are just ready for that next step!

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