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Ow-Doggie – 10 months

IMG_3091*the photo to the right is a test shot from Owens session. The flash is set wrong – hence a shadow – but this photo was the only one I got of him standing , since while I adjusted camera settings, Owen decided to fall over – so then any standing photos I attempted he refused. So despite the shadow, I had to post this picture – because he looks like hes posing with his hand on his hip!*

Ok… to the post :)

Owen has become Owster…
now at 10 mo. his new nick name lately is “Ow-Doggie”
Even the Burger is calling him this.

Its pretty cute :) – esp. when Owen gets hurt and Taite comes running saying “owww… owww doggie, its ok”

So, what is the Ow-doggie up to these days.

Well he has 4 teeth
2 more top teeth popping through this week – they look painful!
He eats anything we eat, really – anything.
He is a shover – which means, you have to break food up for him into pieces, and feed it to him in moderation, otherwise he shoves his entire plate of food into his mouth – resulting in a less than happy Owster.

Owen is crawling with full force, pulling up in places he shouldn’t – a few head bonks as a result.
Owen walks holding onto furniture, letting go in hopes he will stand for just a moment.

Owen says a few things now.


and a bunch of crazy unknowns. His form of singing I call it.

Owen also is learning some sign already.
We are teaching him to sign milk – and as of now, when we say milk he will sign it.
Its pretty cute once they start to communicate with you in this way.

He still wears size 3 disposables
He also is still in the largest size setting on his cloth diapers (this will prob be the case throughout his diaper days – once they get to the largest setting, they usually dont go back :-) – but you never know!)
He is wearing 12-24 month clothing.
Pants are at least 18 months and up.

He loves to play with his brothers. They keep him entertained A LOT.


Owen is a HUGE bath fan.
Loves nursery rhymes right now.
He will clap those little hands any time you begin to sing.

Hes getting a wee bit big for church now :( – ive kept him with me since he was born, but lately Ive noticed he is getting to be a distraction – since he likes to make noises now. So the days of nursery for him will start soon… although im dreading it – not that I dont like nursery… I just love having him with me, that when its time to pass him over to a nursery – its just evidence of him growing up – and way to fast.

We are unsure what Owen weighs right now or his height.
We missed his 9 month well baby apt… and honestly prob. wont take him in until he turns 1.
Because we don’t vaccinate until after 2 – we really dont feel the strong need to take him in for so many check ups. He seems to be developing just fine.

I will try to weigh him soon though just so I can have a personal record of it :)

Lets see… what else….

He’s cute? :-)


really… could he get any cuter?
His little pokey ears and that grin melts my heart daily.

We just love him!



10 Comments on “Ow-Doggie – 10 months

  1. super cute!! Love all the pics… that one of him standing is just too cute;)

    It’s just soo crazy that he’s already 10 months!!! These months are just flying by for our boys…. they’ll be a year old before we know it!

  2. Drea those cute picture distracted me fro reading this post hehe! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the hand on hip one the best, did he just did it or was it staged????

    He is ADORABLE! can you believe that he is 10 month already!!!!

  3. i THOUGHT he signed “milk” to me in the nursery on Sunday! i didn’t know if you were teaching him signs or not. he’s a cutie…and these pictures are great!

    1. @Aliesha, He probably did! Hes still learning – but he will prob get pretty good with it by 15 months or so. We taught Caleb a ton of sign because he had such a hard time talking (you wouldnt know that now haha) – he used it til about age 2 1/2!

    1. @Sarah, Its seamless photography paper, I just taped it to our living room wall for the session and used a “fake” piece of molding strip to make it look like it was a wall :)

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