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Steps – 3 :)

IMG_1015 copyLast night my sweet baby took his 1st steps…
3 to be exact, well more than 3, but only 3 at a time.

Id sit him in front of me…
I would then let go, he’d stand firm, look around, then go…

he’d give the sweetest giggle as he made those steps..

and at about 3.5 he would hug my chest.

It makes me nervous to think of the future falls that will come as a result of this new skill :)

But theres something so adorable about this time –

…it makes you want to just sit back, soak it up…

and try to remember it, over… and over… again.

Man do I love this little guy!!

IMG_1045 copy

6 Comments on “Steps – 3 :)

  1. Oh soo fun;) Yay for Owen;)

    I took pics of Nate standing alone in the middle of the room yesterday… he’s not going to be walking for a little longer… but he looks like he knows what he’s doing;)

    They’re growing up soo fast!!!

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