New Fav. Recipe – Sesame Chicken

Really simple Sesame Chicken Recipe

Really simple Sesame Chicken RecipeI love the recipes Aliesha puts up.

and after Kelly tried this one and bragged on how good it was – I had to as well :)

If the picture doesn’t speak on its yummy-ness :) – just let me say, it was SOOO good. I loved it! We use to get Chinese food every Wednesday – just because our Wednesdays were so hectic with schooling and church… but after having Chinese about a month 1/2 ago – and getting sick from it, we’ve avoided it.

So to finally have a recipe that taste BETTER than the chinese take out we were so use to, im so excited to share it with my readers.

Our entire family enjoyed this, so im sure yours will too.

The few things I changed was – no sesame seeds, I didnt have any. It tasted fine without it. So I guess its just up to the individual.

I served mine over Jasmine Rice… mmm, love it!

CLICK HERE to view the recipe on Aliesha’s blog.
I promise you will love it – and its super easy!

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