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Signs of Cloth

For about 2-3 weeks I got out of the cloth diaper routine with Owen. He caught a stomach bug somewhere along the line and it left him with horrible runny diapers for a solid 2 weeks. I think that bug on top of cutting 4 teeth at once, was just poop overload.. and I honestly got tired of dealing with washing so many stinky cloth diapers. So I gave them up for those few weeks. I however am not back into the routine and loving it all over again.

It takes effort peoples.

I wont lie. It is a commitment and something you have to be ready to invest your time in.
For me its worth it. For others not so much. Either way is fine.

I thought it was funny though that now after cloth diapering for so many years.. I clothed Taite for 2 and now Owen for 1… and so 3 years combined, I have a pretty good eye for what us cloth diapering moms like to call “the fluff” :)

I can tell when kids have cloth on. Its a gift, haha.. Maybe not, but its fun to guess.

Here 2 signs of cloth.

Instead of plumber butt… you have fluff butt.
& well the other photo speaks for itself.
Lets just say Owens rear is far from lacking in its volume :)


& for fun.
A Burger Bum for memory sake :)

IMG_3591 copyIMG_3609 copy

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  1. Oh cloth diapering is so wonderful. I loved cloth diapering. It is a blessing and a joy! I had two preemies and the 2nd was allergic to regular diapers so she was a “must cloth” and I loved every moment of it. It’s some extra “work” but oh the joy! Knowing you are doing what is best for your baby is like such an awesome feeling!!!!! Plus it’s best for the environment. But I was all about what was best for my babies and I love seeing the Mom in you going after that same thing!! Blessings, Cass

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