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Inexpensive Cinnamon Rolls

IMG_9026copyA friend of mine shared this recipe with me. Its one her and her family cooks… and I am so thankful to have it now. I have tweaked it SOME but its pretty much the same. The only difference is that she rolls out the biscuits into one big flat piece of dough, where I just roll out individual pieces instead.

So heres how its done.


2 Cans of Plain Biscuits
(Aldi’s brand – they are around .35 cent a can)
2 TBS Butter – Melted


– Preheat Oven to 400
(or whatever time your biscuit can says to heat it too)
– Roll out each individual biscuit until really flat. I roll mine out on wax paper btw, makes clean up a lot easier.
– Once rolled out flat, get a silicone brush and coat the top of the flat biscuit with melted butter
(not a lot, just enough to moisten)
– Once butter is on sprinkle cinnamon and then some sugar on the entire biscuit. I put A LOT of cinnamon btw, and just a few pinches of the sugar. It isnt an exact science, so just put as much as you feel like :) – the top of my biscuit when I am finished is really brown with the cinnamon.
– Roll up the biscuits so it looks like cocoon ;-) – cinnamon on the inside.
– Bake until biscuits are slightly golden brown, I think mine cooked for 10 minutes
(which is what the original can said)
– I also bake mine on a pampered chef pizza stone :) – but any baking sheet would work.

While they cook you will want to whip up the ICING for them. This icing can be put on AFTER they are cooked and warm.

ICING Ingredients:

– 1 Cup of Powdered Sugar
– 1/2 TSP Vanilla Extract
(you can put 1 tsp if you want but I think its a bit strong)
– 2 Tsp whole milk
(this you just add bit by bit… im not sure the exact measurement, but less is more. You want your icing to be THICK, so if its to runny just add more powdered sugar)

(Shannon’s original recipe called for cinnamon in the icing, for me I liked it without. Ive done it both ways… and this is just a personal preference… so if you like cinnamon you can add some to the icing as well)

TWO CANS btw feeds our family of 5 :)
We have NO left overs though…




Our kids LOVE this recipe, its super easy… and most importantly CHEAP. Like I said above the cans of biscuits are less than $1 for two cans… so add the cost of the other ingredients and Im sure this recipe only cost us $1.50 each time we make it, if that.


2 Comments on “Inexpensive Cinnamon Rolls

  1. Hey, we’ll have to try that. We do something very similar with those same (buttermilk) biscuits.
    We leave the biscuits as the shape they are, dip the top in melted butter, then in brown sugar. Cook for the 10 min & frost afterward. We call ’em “school day’ biscuits cuz we usually have ’em on Monday mornings. *smile* I’m sure my kids will appreciate a new variety to an old favorite. =)

  2. WOW – I wish we had biscuits in a CAN here!! Just another thing to put on my list for the states shopping :) Thanks for sharing…

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