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DIY Lava Lamps

We’ve been busy around here… but did manage to do a fun project with the boys…


That’s right, DIY Lava Lamps!


Owen wasn’t sure what to think as you can see :)


My older two had such a fun time making these… find out how to make your own HERE.Be mindful to only drop in 1 piece of broken alka-seltzer at a time.. I made the mistake of dropping all 4 pieces in at once, and well, it didnt do right ;-) – so these bottles are in the dish washer now and we will attempt this craft again. :-D – Our bottles btw came from TJMaxx, for $1.29 – they are THICK GLASS!! so we can re-use them lots of times.

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  1. I love it. Thank you for sharing. I am going to do this with the children I nanny for and do a preschool program with. I think my ( older) kids will enjoy this one too!

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