The smell is awesome!

IMG_9305If you have read my blog for any number of years, you know I make my own detergent. Not because Im trying to make a statement ;-)

– but really because my skin is incredibly sensitive…. and I almost always break out or react to the strong scents and chemicals in traditional detergents.

I’ve made my own detergent for a few years now… and love it.

So when I tried to think of a creative, yet not to expensive way to make gifts for loved ones this year… I immediately thought about my detergent. Because… well, it rocks ;-) – and I know it be a sweet yet simple gift to let those I love know I how much I appreciate them.

So for those interested… this is how I packaged it.

A simple mason jar.

With a personal touch of some pretty paper hot glued to the lid & a fun personal tag I made.

I hope it blesses those who get one… and look forward to making these again in the future.


My soap used for these comes from: Goat Milk Stuff – its amazing for both detergents and just normal body washing. I also use it with my children & their tea tree oil lotion sticks work great for the face!

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