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Encouraging Help

IMG_7410One thing I have really been trying to teach the boys – is to help. May it be cleaning up for each other… or even just putting their dishes away.

Lately the big thing for me is helping with Owen.

Owen is in a very needy phase right now – making it hard for me to get much done. So while I school Caleb, or even just clean the kitchen – I encourage Taite to play with him. Making OWEN happy :) – even if he wants something Owen has.

This sometimes goes well, sometimes doesn’t. Taite after all “wants” a lot too.

Its all about teaching them to deny themselves… which is so far from natural :) – but so biblical.

Caleb has been a great help with Owen.

From getting Owen out of the crib after naps, feeding him a snack and sometimes turning on Thomas the Train for him. Tonight I encouraged him to go fill up the tub for Owen. While I finished folding a MOUND of towels and clothes.

I of course had to stop what I was doing to go photograph it ;-) – so the towels still await me hah…

I can totally see why when your family gets larger, you have to teach your children to serve in these ways. I really think its good for them too. :-D

Here are some photos after Owens bath that were so sweet. Caleb btw didn’t bathe Owen :) – I did do that. He did however entertain him while he sat in a towel drying off.







6 Comments on “Encouraging Help

  1. Sweet shots;)

    I think asking the kids to help makes unite the family. We’ve been talking about “being a team” for years… helping one another! It’s fun that now my kids can DO soo much more and I get to tackle the laundry and have the time to play with them, too!

  2. Laura is the big helper at our house. She always trys to take care of big sissy or baby brother. Ryans grandmother says Laura has an old soul because she is so caring, emphatic and loving for her age. I think God sent her to Harley (for those who don’t know, my oldest, Harley, has autism and is nonverbal)

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