Our Easter

In a nutshell below ;-)
Although I have no photo’s of the awesome food we had.
Or worship. The band “New Song” played this morning at our church.

Was weird having such a famous band lead an Easter Service in praise and worship. I must say, they were awesome.

I think my favorite was when they sang “Arise My Love.”

Hope everyone had a great day.


We btw are probably one of the only families NOT to get a group photo of our family :(

Always next year , right?





Love dirty little toes :)



Wish I had more pictures :) – I feel as if I am in a photo rut with my family. I can handle a portrait session just fine, but I haven’t taken as many of my own kids as I use to. I may try harder this week to be more creative when I am with them :)

Off to crash now.

2 Responses to Our Easter

  1. Emily Elling says:

    I didn’t get any family shots either this year. But we had great fellowship and great food, so it’s a win in my book!

  2. Amanda says:

    I totally used to blast some Newsong waaaaay back in my high school days! So neat they were at your church on Easter!

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