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Over Capacity

I think we broke a few rules with this :-\


Thats our boys (as you can see I did not allow Owen on) – and our neighbors boy, plus his friends.
It was a very full trampoline!! To my surprise no one got hurt during this particular jumping time :) – but its not uncommon for our boys to ram into each other wrong or play rough. They are boys though and sure do have fun on that thing! Even little Owen (when there are many less bodies on it) – The trampoline btw isn’t broke at the top – the net still works well, we however have a pipe that keeps coming loose – so instead of fixing it every few days we’ve just let it be. One day, we will properly connect it again :)

Oh & in case you didn’t notice :) – I tweaked the blog a bit again. The yellow as bothering me! Plus I missed seeing those cute faces at the top… so, I put them back ;-)

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  1. Hi Drea –

    We had five boys between us and they are all grown now. Last one graduating this year!! If you asked them what their top “toy” was growing up – they will all agree the trampoline. We went through 2 of them and we didn’t have the netting even though I would today. We took a lot of grief from others but it worked for our family and we miss it!! We had no serious accidents on it either in the approx 10 years we had trampolines. Let me say they got more hurt on bikes and dirt bikes!!! Your boys are very cute.

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