Packed Week

IMG_8691Today was spent doing work for Boba… catching up on e-mails, working on things for She {hearts} It… burning like 5 disc for clients… organizing my gear to charge it – so its ready for the remaining sessions this week. I have to do a number of shoots for Boba and a newborn to photograph on wednesday.

Seems like when my busy times come – its all crammed in a week :) – but we are thankful for the work! It is what pays the bills right now after all…

This weekend my parents are coming for a visit too. My dad turns 60 – so we will spend the weekend celebrating with them.

So heres hoping inbetween all the business stuff – I can get the house in order. I’m trying not to think of that mound of laundry waiting… or the floors that need moping & bathrooms scrubbing. It will get done, I think :)

Oh and that baby is yawning not wanting to nurse ;-) – isnt she sweet?! I love it.

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