Taite’s a mess :)

The Sunday my parents were here… Taite was schedule to sing with the 4/5 year olds in big church sunday evening. Taite btw has told his teachers he “will not sing until he is 18… ” however he told them “I will make an acceptation for this.”


He cracks me up.

I was photographing the baptism’s that night… so I was geared and ready to go. I actually was in there early enough that I was able to snag some pictures of the practice run with the kids before the room was filled :) – which was nice.

Taite was all smiles.


However… come performance time – he was a total mess.

He was doing this weird “fake singing thing” – where he opened his mouth crazy wide and with unique expressions, not disrespectful ones, but it was as if he was nervous to really sing, so he was “faking it” – and it really did look fake :)

But so funny.
Caleb was cracking up the entire time – as were my parents.

Then halfway through the 3rd song – Taite vanishes. He was right in the middle of the group (you can try to find him in the blow photo) – One minute he was visible, the next gone.


Taite was actually SITTING DOWN during the performance – still singing but just sitting haha. I guess he was tired? Then when he would pop up he’d stare really closely at his neighboring kids face – and then begin the wide mouth singing again :)

He made for quiet a performance.

Afterwards during worship he zonked out on Nana’s lap. I wish I had a picture of it – because it was so cute.

He really was tired.

I am just thankful he made it through the performance and didnt run off stage having to pee or something :)

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  1. I thought M was the only one that was crazy!! He was perfect during tge performance…then the shock and awe wore off. He sang with his back to tge audience to watch himself on the big screen. All we could see was the back of his mop hair. We are always so focused in our child that we miss out on the other mishaps!

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