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Back Safe

We made it back Safe.
We enjoyed our short pit-stop at my parents before heading back to GA.


My dad was out of town but my mom got to soak up the boys cuteness for one last evening.

The trip back was so long today though.

So thankful Taite did not throw up any more since last night… and our travels from my moms were fairly smooth, minus the normal “are we there yet” episodes and Owen protesting about his cute lil hiney hurting (in his own owee language).

I however am whooped!!

I think the night before did me in.
After getting to bed around 11pm – waking up at 1am to the puke-fest – then not getting back to bed til 2:30 – only to be slapped in the face twice by Caleb (who slept in my bed, so Travis could sleep by Taite, in case more puke happened) – Caleb does not sleep still – he is a wild sleeper! Add to that him bringing a portable alarm clock of my moms into bed, that went off at who knows what time! – and Owen waking up twice crying – by 7:30am when the house was awake, I wasn’t.

This pregnant lady is ready for bed tonight.


Notice the bump? I really think in some positions it just looks as if I ate a lot for supper. Standing up though it is an obvious “baby bump” – I HOPE :)

Glad we have Saturday to play catch up before Sunday… and next week begins my last week of being a mom with a husband who is home all the time – Travis starts his job May 14th… I really am not sure I am ready but I do know he is :)

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