Week 16 – Baby #4

week16Even while traveling I decided to take a bump pic. Well my friend Shannon did :) – in her house… but I really wanted to get it done because in just a couple of days, I feel like I have grown A LOT. Which is weird because besides LOOKING it, I don’t feel very pregnant.

I have felt a few kicks this week.

They are TINY :) – popcorn kicks and I typically only feel them if I am very still.

I have had little to no nausea.

No odd cravings.

Energy levels seem higher than they were. I think what has helped, is to take my prenatal in the morning, rather than at night. Before recently I had taken them at night, in order to help keep my nausea down… Since I am not experiencing that now, I figured taking the vitamins in the morning just made more sense :)

I am still hungry all the time.

I also have had a few break outs, sadly… but they arent “that bad” - just a couple.

Over all I feel great although after looking at last weeks photo I feel slightly big – but I found some confidence after I saw this cute mom’s 16 week photo, I didn’t feel so big :) … because shes totally cute at 16 weeks and I think our bellies are comparable in size.

Next week I have a Dr’s apt, so with the Belly picture then, I hope to have an update on the heart beat and all that jazz…. and then after that apt, in like 2 more weeks, we will have our gender ultrasound :) – I still say BOY!

See Week 15′s Photo

5 Responses to Week 16 – Baby #4

  1. Lindsay says:

    I say GIRL! =)

  2. Congrats Drea – you look amazing, as always!

  3. It has been a while since I have checked in on you. Looks like we missed each other, with us coming back from Michigan, and you guys headed to see friends and family. I pray you have a great time! You look really cute and I am excited about this precious little one that God is adding to your family.

    By the way, the new look on the blog looks great and I love the recent pics of everyone. So crisp and clear!

    See you all soon,


  4. you sound like me with both my GIRLS! I’m holding out this could be your first one :)

  5. Gillian says:

    soo cute! and congrats!! it’ll be so fun to follow your journey during another pregnancy on your blog. my guess is girl :)

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