Yes, I take pictures of Flowers

IMG_2814-2I admit, I do sometimes stop to take pictures of flowers. I feel odd when I do it :) – just because, its a flower… and its actually located behind our boys trampoline, in the thick of thorns, poison ivy and who knows what else.

As I sat on the trampoline with Owen (yes I still get on it, even pregnant) – I couldnt help but notice this flower, with the sun hitting it just perfect!

So I run inside, grabbed the cam and had fun capturing that moment of sun and flower together :)

I think it was a beautiful moment and I actually have one of the images on my desktop now as my wall paper.



Camera Settings: Canon 7D – 50mm 1.8 (I do own the 1.4 but I use the 1.8 for personal use often)
1.8 Aperture – ISO 100 – 1/1250 Exposure

4 Responses to Yes, I take pictures of Flowers

  1. Shannon says:

    I love that picture!!

  2. Eva says:

    I love taking pictures of flowers…. they are so much more cooperative than people and always beautiful :-).

  3. Althea says:

    I do too! There’s almost always a picture of a flower on my desktop because the flowers are so pretty.

  4. Carol says:

    I love the picture! thanks for sharing. you did a great shot!

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