Daddy’s Boy

Owen is very much a Mommy’s boy.
Its one reason I love boys so much, they love their moms!

I must admit though….

He very much is a Daddy’s Boy too.


Especially since Daddy is gone during the day now.


When he comes home from work – Owen lights up. He is just so excited.
Its sweet to see. I love that my boys love their daddy… and that their daddy is so willing to pour so much time into them, even after a physically exhausting day. You’d be shocked at what he has to do right now :) – regardless he comes home sore & tired, yet still so willing, to just be a great Dad to 3 little boys.

Who all 3 adore him.

4 Responses to Daddy’s Boy

  1. Tanya says:

    Such a sweet post. :)

  2. Sweet:) yes, when Daddy comes home there is usually a crowd excited to see him and greet him at the door;)

  3. Regina says:

    When Ryan comes home u would think Elvis has entered the building with all the screams/squills from Laura & Harley. Max lights up when daddy comes over and says hey hubba bubba (Maxs official nickname LOL)

  4. Shanilie says:

    Oh my goodness! Love how they’re sitting together :) Beautiful

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