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Gaskets blown

This is a venter post, just to warn :)
Nothing more than my blurbing out thoughts.

I’ve just been really battling my kids lately in obedience.
They aren’t BAD but they are in this rut of “trying to debate” their way out of a situation… or “waiting” way to long to follow through with something.

Heres a great example from wednesday…

~ “Time to go”
– “Can I stay with them?”
~ “No, lets go.”
– “… but we’ve watched so and so’s kid before and brought them home for them. So can they keep me?”
~ “No, lets go.”
– “Can they keep me please?”
~ ::the wrath of mama is coming::(Picture a pregnant mom wearing a bathing suit, ratty hair, about to let all sanity loose – I restrained myself…. barely) “GET OUT NOW”

This kind of behavior FIRES MY BLOOD so bad.
I really can feel my blood pressure ticking. It takes every fiber I have to not go to far with my words…

I wish I could say the day got better yesterday but it really didn’t. From simple things like “Go upstairs and wait for me” – yet moments later distracted kids playing and then someone getting hurt because they weren’t paying attention. Had they obeyed in the 1st place it would of never happened.

Yet in public places I find it so hard to discipline and I know by the time I get home, I am so OVER – and just tired, that I just want them in bed. When in all honesty there should always be a punishment to this behavior, ALWAYS…

So yea, my fault, their fault, combination of everything = bleh.

Today wasn’t as bad but just moments ago I told the kids “go get in the van” to go to the pool, yet they wander around like they have no clue what I said, resulting in Owen falling on the porch, no one being buckled…. and me lugging the gigantic pool bag, with no one ready.

The result.


Then tears from Taite.
Owen totally clueless.

Its 4:33 and their father will be home soon. I think its a “serious father talk” moment right now… so once he gets home I am hoping he can talk to them and lay it out.

Your moms pregnant.

Your moms tired.

You aren’t listening.

You aren’t honoring Christ by not listening OR your mom and dad.



Ok Im joking.



All that being said.

I am blessed.

In so many ways.

Don’t take my ranting moments, as ever wishing my life were different. I don’t. Im so thankful for my children. With children though comes lots of trials like this… and I know im not the only one dealing with them… so if anything, this helps others know they aren’t alone & gives me an outlet to let it loose, properly? :) I hope. I love my boys and they really are good children. Caleb can be so helpful helping with Owen. Taite is just the funniest kid ever, so bright and so darn cute! – Owen melts anyones heart, even the lady in target, whos butt he decided to slap (out of pure innocence’s *no butts were harmed in the slapping of the Owster*)

… but there are days I feel such frustration. I can be so far from “a great mom” – and very impatient. I do lots of apologizing to my kids… but if anything, maybe them seeing mommy’s imperfections and failures… yet willingness to say “Im sorry…” – will impact them.

To those wondering where the belly photo for this week is.

It was never taken.

The last 2 days have proven difficult enough, I really didn’t want to fiddle with a tripod :)
Plus my blog was down… so why stress it. I will have a photo for week 25 coming up ;-)

I will say, I went to the Dr. this AM and all is well.

Baby sounds awesome.
My weight gain is “tolerable” ;-)
Belly is bigger, baby is moving A TON!
All in all things look perfectly normal and good to go.

Next up on the apt list.
Glucose test in 4 weeks – goodie! ::gag::

Travis just pulled up – off to deal with the situation… and maybe, just maybe we will get to the pool and enjoy a calm evening out. Did I mention its suppose to be 107 this saturday. Yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh. Got to love GA heat!

5 Comments on “Gaskets blown

  1. Ugh, my youngest is not listening either!!! Is it the heat? I ask him to take out the trash and the recycling every day, so it’s no surprise. I’ve had to stand there in front of him to let him know that I will not be repeating myself 100 times. I must have been a little lax lately in being consistent and he’s not a dummy. “If I just sit here, mom will forget.” Grrr. I hear ya, Drea. 109 according to Weather Underground here in NC for Saturday. :/

  2. It’s not the heat… it’s only 70 here and it sounded like you just described my week. There’s plenty of people at fault (my inconsistency, her rebellion) and it makes for a rotten combo. Thank the Lord for supportive husbands who will reinforce all your hard work. We had some sore bottoms yesterday, but today has been better. Hang in there!
    (You don’t know me, but I found your blog via a friends’ and can certainly relate to your situation; plus, I’m 18 weeks pregnant… so thanks for the naptime entertainment.)

  3. I absolutely know what you mean! Today was one of those days for Noah. He threw such a big fit that i couldnt even get him in the door for VBS this morning until 9:20!

  4. Hi – I love this post because it is a true picture in the life of a mom. So many “mommy blogs” paint these unrealistic and picture perfect days with perfect husbands, friends, family and kids =) Come on, you know the ones I’m talking about =) When I read a blog post like this one, I think this is for real, she is sharing from the heart. My boys are men but I’m a young adult mom and when I look back at raising my boys the one word that rings in my head that was given to me by my own mom and that is consistency. Even when your tired. The same rules/same consequences for the same actions. Its hard, I know. And even though Dad plays a major role and definitely has your back, I would have a family meeting as well and lay out the rules…..this is what is expected and this is the consequences. No surprises of why we can’t go to the pool when we act this way. And then hold to it strongly. And yes, we moms all know that we all have days that stuff slips. Its life. Have a good weekend.

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