Basic Whole Wheat Pancake Batch

I can without a doubt say, my kids favorite breakfast foods are either pancakes, french toast or waffles. Anything that involves SYRUP, they love :) Do you blame them?

IMG_9139One thing I really loved once I began milling my own grain, was knowing the flour I was using was packed full of nutrients! Where before, I was basically feeding my kids a bunch of empty carbs with very little benefit.

Knowing that the grains I am using has over 25 essential vitamins and minerals is so important to me. What I think many people don’t realize though is that even if you buy whole grain flours in the store, unless you MILL IT fresh, yourself… within 24 hours after it is ground, it loses 45% of all its nutrients, and within 72 hours, it loses 80-90% of its nutrients. So all those store flours are basically dead nutrients… that we are paying a lot of money for.

Being able to create one of my children’s favorite foods for breakfast using the Wonder Mill teamed with organic white hard wheat from the Bread Beckers (local for me!)… is a blessing in many ways.

So! to wrap this post up :) – I wanted to share with you one of our families staples… a super simple and yummy Breakfast Pancake… that involves very little prep… and makes enough to freeze and use throughout the week.

Here is what you need…


3 cups freshly milled flour
(I use hard white wheat but you could use red)
1 tsp. real salt
1 tsp. baking soda
2 1/2 tsp. baking powder
1/3 cup organic coconut oil
4 eggs
3 cups buttermilk
(or if you don’t have butter milk, I have a solution for that below…)


IMG_93011) If you do not have buttermilk, you need to complete this step 1st, before you do anything else.

– Get 3 cups of whole milk, instead of buttermilk. I often DO NOT have buttermilk on hand… in these cases, making my own buttermilk is very easily done and actually less expensive. You would take your 3 cups of whole milk and mix in 3 tbs. lemon juice! If you don’t have lemon juice you can use white vinegar :) – either one works but I do prefer lemon juice. Mix that into your milk and let it sit for at least 5 minutes… what I usually do while that sits, is gather the rest of the ingredients together as well as pre-heat my skillet.

2) In a large bowl mix together your dry ingredients.

3) I then mix all my wet ingredients together in a large measuring bowl. So milk, eggs, oil – all mixed together into one bowl.

4) I then pour all the wet ingredients into the large bowl of dry ingredients… and mix it up using a wisk.

5) Once well mixed and lumps are gone, you can begin cooking your pancakes. I have found that if you wait a few minutes after mixing everything, that the liquid will thicken a little bit, which makes it easier to pour. If you like a thicker pancake, you could easily add more flour… I however don’t have a preference :) and neither do my kids… so its a fast process for us :)

6) I set my skillet to 300F

If you want to spruce up your recipe, you could add in some dark chocolate or blue berries while the batter cooks. I love dark chocolate personally…

Serve pancakes with your favorite syrup or even just honey.


This recipe makes A LOT of pancakes… for us, its enough for at least 2 meals maybe more… So after breakfast I let the pancakes cool on a wire rack, then store them in a freezer bag for later use. If 2 days down the road the boys want one, you just take what you want out of the freezer, nuke or toast and you are good to go.

Original Recipe adapted from the Bread Beckers Recipe Collection.
This post was my 3rd post for the Grain Mill Wagon Challenge.
Be sure to check out the rest of the great whole grain recipes up on their website.

3 Comments on “Basic Whole Wheat Pancake Batch

  1. The pancakes look awesome. The info regarding flour and shelf life I simply do not know about but will definitely read more into this. I, my family, is really turned a leaf in trying to eat healthier and really know what your eating…getting away from packaged products etc….my frustration….and maybe its only me but I don’t think so….is the cost. The cost of trying to stay healthy. I quickly looked at the mill website provided and did not read the whole page but was looking at what the cost for the machine to do this yourself. Don’t see the price easily but know it won’t be cheap. I know I know….in the long run the investment is your health!! In the mean time, we as the consumer have to figure out what and where to spend the money on since there is so much out there. But, again, the pancakes look awesome.

    1. @Susan, Hey Susan, there is a disc on the breadbecker website that you can order, its free but I think you pay shipping? any how, it goes into the health benefits of milling your own wheat and it really is eye opening. It makes TOTAL sense as to why it is so important to mill the wheat yourself. The machine is an expense… but well worth the cost. Just consider it an investment into the health of your family. Once you have your mill the cost to make the bread is honestly not a lot. It cost less for us to make our breads fresh than to buy them already made.

      I buy a large bucket pail from bread beckers for $37.00-ish? something like that, and its organic white hard wheat. I use it for all our bread making, pancakes, etc…. and it last us over a month. If I were to purchase organic breads and treats for my kids, Id spent MUCH more than that… and even if you buy organic breads and other things off the shelf, most do have preservatives… and other stuff in it that we dont really want.

      Any who, its def worth looking into. I was blessed that when I started my bread making journey a woman gave me her mill in return for portraits. She no longer needed hers. I have since acquired a 2nd mill for review and so my other mill (which was the whisper mill – its just an older version of the wonder mill) I gave to my mom. She is loving it :)

      Check out craigs list too – there are often some mills for sale there.

      Hope that helps! :)

    2. @Susan,
      I want to add to what Drea said. I also bought a mill (mine is a Nutrimill) and yes, it is an upfront cost. But I actually took the time to calculate how much it costs to make a loaf of bread all from scratch, and the ingredients only cost $1.25 per loaf! That’s for everything. I’m not sure what the power costs are (for running the mill, mixer, and oven), but it’s definitely never going to add up to what it costs to buy a loaf of bread from the store. Here in Canada, everything costs a lot more than in the US.

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