56% + 34% = Pretty Much a Given

Well as you all know, on friday afternoon I was admitted to the hospital. I went in for my weekly ultrasound and while there they determined that my amniotic fluid was only a 2… which apparently is REALLY BAD. Because baby has a 2 vessel cord they couldn’t risk letting me go home. Totally understand that… and I knew that the baby’s safety was a higher priority than what I wanted…

So I brought Caleb home (he was with me at the US), we packed up a bag for Owen and made some calls to some awesome friends/neighbors, who agreed to help watch the boys.

Taking them on is a lot! So I am so thankful for those willing to help.

I will give the short version of this story :) – since I want to go lay down quicker….

… basically though I was given CERVIDEL (spelling may be off on that) – its basically this thing they stick in you that will soften your cervix and hopefully bring on labor. Because I was already contracting they thought this would do the trick and that would be it.

While you are given this CERVIDEL though they keep you hooked up to baby monitors….

These torture devices below:

Kidding, they aren’t torture devices and do serve their purpose… but to try and SLEEP with these on is pretty impossible unless you are heavily drugged. I could not sleep at all last night hooked up to these things. Each time you moved, they’d have to readjust to find baby again, the gel they use made me itch SO BAD! The itching was by far more uncomfortable than the contracting I was having every 3-5 minutes. It was almost intolerable.

When I finally broke down (at like 1:30am) I asked the nurse if I could just leave them off… she told me it was policy that they stayed hooked up at all times while CERVIDEL is given. Apparently there are risk to this CERVIDEL and that is why things have to be monitored closely. They failed to tell me the risk prior. Which frustrates me in so many ways…. but I wont get into that.

Basically I was told that they could continue to leave CERVIDEL in through the night, let it do what its suppose to do… then in the AM I would be given PITOCIN to really get labor going… and more than likely if given this, Id then get the epidural, then more pitocin, then baby would get distressed due to everything and Id end up with a c-section, since they were already on high alert with baby as is. I knew either way, PITOCIN or not, that I would have a horrible birth experience if I stayed hooked up to those monitors and got no rest.

It made no sense to me to keep me hooked up, ON MY BACK (so uncomfortable!) – not resting, not relaxing, then expect me to have the right mind set and strength to go through a labor and push out a baby.

What they ended up doing, because I just wouldnt let it go :) – was they took the CERVIDEL OUT, so that they could then UNHOOK those monitors… and allow me to rest for 4 hrs. Then after those 4 hrs, Id be rehooked up to monitor baby for 45 minutes, then they’d re-evaluate.

I slept.

Not sure how soundly but I felt a lot better after those 4 hrs… and had hopes something would progress from this.

Yet here I am at home now.

Yup. I was induced… but am now home.

Come 6am they monitored me again and then ordered an ultrasound tech to come in and check fluid again. IF the fluid was up from yesterday, Id be able to go home… if I wanted.

FLUID was totally in the green and I was given the ok to go home.

I had not dilated any more through the night, although my cervix had thinned some, I was not in labor.

So I decided to go home.

I hated we bothered people with watching our kids… and I hated that I had to sit up all night being uncomfortable, poked with needles and so on… but in the end, Id much rather GO HOME – let Nature take its course and let baby come on his own time, if all possible.

I know in some situations INDUCTION is a must… but I think so often it is not needed or pushed to soon… and that is why there are so many women who go through such bad birth experiences.

The Nurse we had in the AM was awesome… I will be requesting her when we go back :) – she is studying to be a midwife, which I think is great! She told me that the C-section percentage rate at this particular hospital was 56%!!!! To add to that, she said being induced at 37 weeks with a 2VC baby, was pretty much guarantying a C-section by adding a 34% higher percentage to my situation.

She said that they even had said “May as well cut her now” – rather than waiting. I mean wow…

How messed up is that?!

Had I gone into this not knowing how a birth could go… I would of probably done exactly what they said… and would of ended up on a c-section table…

While C-sections have their place… I know they have been used to save many lives… For me, after 3 vaginal births, I DO NOT WANT A CSECTION EVER. Give me labor pain any day….

I know my body can do this…. and I think coming home was by far the best choice.

I am contracting every 3-5 minutes still. STRONGLY. Baby is face down and ready to go… I just need to let time take over… and be patient. Tonights a full moon, so Ive joked we will be back there tonight :-) – but in all honesty I would be ok if it went another few days or even a week.

So we now resting at home.
Ive been told to chug the liquids and stay off my feet. Not sure ill stay off my feet totally, I think if anything gravity would do me good ;-) – but I will take it easy and drink lots. As long as baby is moving well, I am good to go.

My dad is in town now too… which I think he is secretly a lil upset about ;-) – since he had originally planned to only come once baby was born HAHA… but I think it will work all out well and it will be reassuring to know there is someone here in the house, in case labor happens at 2am.

All this being said.
… and hopefully it makes sense :)

Thank you for the prayers and sweet words!
We will keep everyone posted via our facebook or the blog as things progress….

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  1. Hope this lil guy comes soon and u have a fast & safe delivery! And BTW, I’m sure there is no other place your dad would want to be:)

  2. I hope you have a safe delivery and hope he comes soon! I know that being induced is hard labor as I was induced with Olivia. It was a good labor but was a little stressful. Hoping with the next baby it will be a little more relaxed for us.

  3. I’m no OB nurse but if I was you I would avoid induction if at all possible…which I am sure you will after this experience! You are already going to be on ‘the list’ for potential C-section from the very start because of the cord issue…any sign of distress to your baby and they are going to want to cut you! Being induced greatly increases the potential for distress because your body is not doing it naturally, especially at 37 weeks! Hold on – you are almost there!Be warned though…when you do go into labor, they are going to want to hook you up to all those monitors again and if it is for real, this time they may not let you off!

  4. After going through a very long induction and hearing about a million induction stories, I have come to the conclusion that most inductions end in c-section because women get the epidural as soon as they are put on pitocin and when the cervix fails to progress, instead of letting the epidural out and redoing it later, they just take them to c-section. Since I refused an epidural for the first day I was on cervidel and pitocin (it honestly didn’t hurt at all… so why get it?), I was able to have the whole thing stopped, eat, and rest for the night before starting again in the morning. It was only way after my water broke and my contractions got super intense that I got the epidural, and I was already dilated to 5 by that point. So I’d say you did the right thing if you didn’t want a c-section. I’m not sure what hospital you’re at, but I think the rates are high everywhere, which is a shame. =( Recovery from a c-section CAN NOT be easy!! But I think most women are mislead into thinking an induction means they’ll have the baby in a couple hours, when in reality it can take MUCH longer since you’re body isn’t ready to have that baby. =P

    Anyway I know he will be here soon! Can’t wait!! DO stay off your feet though! It’s the last chance you have for a while heehee. ;-)

  5. I am shocked that they induced you and then sent you home when the induction didn’t work! I have never heard of that! I hope that you make it another week and that you have a safe and vaginal birth! Most drs. Would have stuck with the pitocin!

  6. Ugh, not fun. I know how you feel. EXACTLY what i went through with Jacob with the pitcin and Cervadil. They sent me home after they gave it to me and after being in labor for 3 days my water finally broke and went back to the hospital. After 24 more hours of intense labor only to dilate to 1cm and not allowed an epidural i could have died lol, later they found out he was positioned the wrong way with his head sideways and stuck ended up having a c-section. Said I’d never have any more kids after Jacob..don’t know why i have 3 now lol. Riley and Jacob are almost 5 years apart but I guess God had other plans. But I was 3 weeks overdue and his head was BIGGG so you shouldn’t have that problem. Praying you’ll be able to have a natural birth if it’s the safest option whenever the time comes.

  7. Wow!! I guess the best thing is that you and baby are doing well!!!! Maybe your body can start getting ready on its own now that it’s had a little “jump start”.

    And I”m glad that you were able to help in the decisions versus not being a part of the decision-making (which is what I had for the birth of Anna and it was awful).

    Continuing to pray for you all!!

  8. Oh Drea, I am so sorry. I feel frustrated and anxious for you. :( so glad you were able to go home. Praying your body would go into labor in Gods perfect time. Hugs friend.

  9. Matt, Caroline, and I are praying that this little one comes in his own time. We’re glad you are home and able to eat (which is what my midwife told me to do during the 48 hours I contracted at home). Thank goodness for the nurse that was with you this morning. Obviously, God placed her there to support you when you most needed it.

  10. YOWZER! I’m so glad you’re back home! I felt very anxious just reading about you trying to get sleep with all those monitors on you (I had my first G at a hospital, those monitors are a nightmare!) I am still believing with you for a safe vaginal birth! Cat & Cow, deep breaths and lots of decaf herbal tea and lots and lots of water with lemon.

  11. My youngest was a 2vc baby and I was induced at 38 weeks. I ended up having a c-section because her cord was getting pinched with every contraction causing her heart rate to drop. It was very intense, but I was so relieved that during those moments when her heart rate was dropping they were able to get her out immediately rather than letting me labor it out and risk putting her in any further danger.

    The c-section was not that bad, and the recovery was actually easier than my vaginal delivery.

    Hang in there–and no matter what happens, when you hold that baby the first time you know it will all be worth it. :)

  12. Hi Drea,
    Got to read your blog only now (after a long time). Hope your labor progresses normally and that you have a normal vaginal birth! Praying for the boys too!
    The C-section percentage in urban India is scary! I have many friends who have been through similar situations as yours and have not been able to stand up against wrong medical advice.

  13. Hi Andrea–
    We have certainly been praying for you! SO glad to hear you are home (though I’m sure it was disappointing to think you were having him and then not to!) C-sections can have their place in medical science (I had a C-section with my 2nd due to placenta previa), but nowadays they are often done needlessly. I am so glad God graced you (and the kind nurse) with the wisdom to get your fluid levels checked and just “start over” at home, so to speak. God has the perfect timing for this little one’s arrival…and we are praying that labor can begin naturally! Hang in there and trust HIM! He will be faithful as you look to Him! Will keep PRAYING!! <3 <3 <3 Valerie

  14. I had cervadil twice… (i can’t spell it either)
    And laying down and still for that long is not fun…
    Mine worked pretty fast both times and i did not have to wait around too much. I too am anti C-section/drugs.
    With my middle one my water broke at 35 weeks & i had the cervadil to get me going…with my third I was 39 weeks and just could not take being pregnant anymore so they gave it to me…the birth w. my 3rd was most like the way i wanted it to be with just my husband, midwife & 1 nurse in the room. Praying for a beautiful birth for baby boy #4 for you! Many blessings to you!

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