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Broke my Doctors Bed rest rule

Well, I will admit that yesterday I broke my doctors bed rest rule.

I couldn’t help it!

IMG_9479We had season passes to the Georgia Aquarium and they expired Saturday. We haven’t used them pretty much all summer either because of my pregnancy and Travis no longer being around during week days… Going to the Aquarium on the weekend was usually out of the question, since saturdays at the GA Aquarium are nuts!

After a fairly easy morning Saturday and a run to the bank, I mentioned to Travis that it be fun to go… even though we hadn’t planned on doing much at all that day.

He was for it and so we ate a quick lunch, packed up my diaper bag with a few snacks… and made our way to Atlanta.

Owen slept on the way, which was needed :)

I knew going that Id be very slow…

I totally have a preggo waddle going on now and in crowded spaces I feel very much in the way. Despite the slow walking (it was slowwwww – had to tell the kids “slow down” a lot) – I think I did just fine.

Contractions were minimal yesterday.

Cramping was there but only towards the end.

My ankles stayed a fairly normal size.

and back pain didn’t kick in until later that evening.

So! we were good :)




I’m glad we went… and Im even more glad that it wans’t a total disaster. While the aquarium was crowded… it was tolerable. We also got to see the Dolphin show (included in our passes, so no extra cost) – As cheesy as that show is (sorry) – its always so neat to see the dolphins and the kids faces light up. Owen however was scared during the performance this time. He requested a spot on my lap and at certain points would cover his face with his cute chubby hands. So so sweet. No tears were shed :)





So… I broke my bed rest rule… but this one time, it was a good call.

I will make up for it as the week goes on.

& one fun thought… the next trip we will make to Atlanta our mini van will be full (for the most part) ;-) – while driving home I was playing with instagram and snagged this photo in our “bubble mirror”… It made me smile.

(You can see Taite and Owen knocked out. Caleb wide awake, as usual.
Once baby comes, Caleb will move to the back with Taite)

This makes me smile

Hope everyone has had a great weekend.

I’m thankful ours has gone well… and the pregnancy despite the sleepless nights (Im battling major insomnia people!) – I feel regardless pretty good as of the last 48 hours.

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  1. Love the pics of the boys in front of the HUGE aquarium glass!! Sounds like a good day… and a great day to visit the aquarium since you had Travis with you.

    Now you get to put your feet up all week… right:)

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