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As you all know, every week I go into my OB office for a fetal monitoring session. They are checking for any indication of stress on baby, due to early contracting, 2 vessel cord situation and low fluid. Whenever they do these sessions, I am put onto this small bed, flat on my back. Not the most comfortable situation but I guess its the ideal position for them to do these test.

None the less without fail after these test are done, I have to sit up.

Because this bed is SO narrow, I CANT sit up without help. Rolling to my side and using my arms to help sit my body up isn’t happening… there really is no room on this table to move.

I know some may not think to ask the 9 month pregnant woman laying flat on her back for help… but when an OB comes in and doesnt even offer a hand back up, it just blows my mind! I mean really…. have they forgotten what is going on inside our bodies while pregnant?

I think they should all print this image and put it as wall paper in their offices as a reminder. The last time I was monitored the Dr. did help me up, she was awesome… the Dr. before her, I actually had to ASK to help me up. Which makes me feel stupid, for some weird reason.

So note to any OB’s reading this. HELP YOUR PATIENTS UP, no matter how limber, young or tiny they may be. Sitting up from the back laying position, THIS PREGNANT hurts.

This being said, my chiropractor is amazing at lifting a pregnant woman up from back laying position. Maybe it is his great knowledge when it comes to proper spine support :) but either way, I was thankful to finally have a Dr. lift me off a table, properly, totally supported.

That adjustment yesterday btw was awesome. I felt much better after it! The baby’s 1st Dr. visit btw will be to see the chiro :) – in fact I have told Travis that may be his 1st stop on the way home from the hospital.

Heres a quick youtube video that explains why its important to have your baby adjusted early on:

I think this is my vent of the day.

Its been a hard day physically… but am trying to stay positive knowing that these feelings are because my body is preparing to birth a baby.

I am dilated to those who did not know :)

The OB on Monday said she’d be surprised to see me next week but if I am there next week, in tact ;-) – she will strip my membranes for me, which for me, is awesome… seeing as this has been done with my other 3 pregnancies and each time, it sent me right into labor within just hours. This particular Dr. I have only seen twice so far but she is by far my favorite. Very personal and sweet… and seems to really pay attention to how I feel. Thankful for that during this stage…

Contractions are pretty regular the last 48 hours…

So we shall see….

Its a waiting game now :)

Tomorrow (wed) I have a day full attempting to get in as much schooling as I can… I know once this little dude comes my time to school the boys will be limited… hoping for a quick recovery so they don’t miss to much.

Because things will be busy tomorrow I doubt ill post a belly photo.

SO for those needing that fix ;-) – heres one taken Sunday.

Making do with my clothes this is a non maternity top that teamed with a belt looks fun with a bump :)

The belly seems about the same size, just lower.

Thankful for lots of baby movements….

Sweet encouragement…

A husband willing to take the boys out so I can rest….


and Prayer.

4 Comments on “OB Lesson – Chiropractic Care

  1. I’ll definitely be praying! Cant wait to meet baby boy! I know what you mean, mine were always helpful but this one ultrasound I had the ob tec squirted all the gel everwhere and tossed me a towel. I mean how on earth am I supposed to smear all of the gunk off when im laying down exposed and cant reach everywhere to get it. I don’t know if some are lazy or just inconsiderate.

  2. It’s coming to the end. I hope this baby come quickly :) On a different note, Getting a baby adjusted is dangerous and there is no scientific evidence to suggest the need to do so. Please do not get you new baby adjusted.

    1. Got to disagree Jenn. I dont think its dangerous at all, if you go to a good chiropractor. An adjustment for a newborn is SO gentle. Compare it to the way they are yanked out of a birth canal… its not even comparable.

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