Laboring with Reed

Before the details leave my mind, although I doubt they will :) – here, in short is Reed’s birth story.

As you all know at 37 weeks I was admitted for an induction due to my amniotic fluid being dangerously low, according to my ultrasound that week. I knew the reasoning behind the induction was for the baby’s best interest, so I was for it, for that reason. You can read more about that experience HERE and why I decided to leave the hospital.

On friday Oct 5th I was at our weekly home school group CC. At this point I was 38.2 weeks pregnant… and had no signs of going into labor. In fact my dad who had been waiting for this birth to happen, since the induction failed… had JUST left that morning. Thinking it be at least another week :) – during the CC time though I was up on my feet helping in the classroom and began to notice my contractions were much stronger than they had been, and very noticeable, even while moving around.

I told my friend Lindsey who was the class tutor that day, that I was feeling off… just to give her a heads up :) – she was going to be my doula for the birth.

After CC was over at 1pm, I came home with the boys and as soon as I got home, the contracting continued but seemed to be closer together… I then went to the rest room and during that restroom break, I realized… its time. Enough said ;-)

I went ahead and put the boys down for quiet time/naps…

Then made a few calls to get things into place, in case this was it. I went ahead and called Travis at his work, telling him to head on home, just in case. As you all know he can’t miss much work right now, since he is in the academy… but the officers are understanding and knew when I called, he needed to go.

We got checked into the hospital around 4pm (after all the paper work) – and at that time they checked me and it was confirmed, I was 4cm, 90% effaced and in labor. So I was there to stay.

IMG_9598What is so cool is that the nurse who helped me get released from my induction a week prior, was there the day I went into labor on my own. The thing was, she was only there until 7pm, so part of me was just praying Id labor fast, so she could be there for the delivery :)

This nurse was amazing, yet again… she worked her way around the system and was able to get me monitors that allowed me to walk freely… she also waterproofed the monitor so that I could labor in the tub if need be!

She also allowed me to go without IV – although they did require to put a saline lock on me (I think thats what its called), just in case something did happen and I had to be hooked up to fluids or some other medication. Despite the pain of a prick from that, I was free to roam the entire labor experience.

I begin to loose track of time at this point but not to long after getting situated my friend Lindsey came… at this point contractions were strong enough that I could not speak through them… and would just motion back and forth while standing.

Lindsey suggested I try the tub (that had jets! hehe) – and so we began to fill that up and so began my journey laboring in water.

I must say I felt very EXPOSED and weird getting half naked into a tub with people around … but the relief this tub gave me, was unreal. I honestly believe it helped progress me quicker…. and kept me much more relaxed than I ever remember being with my other labors.

The nurse even allowed me to stay in the tub for “cervical checks” and monitoring of the baby. It was awesome.

At I believe 6:30? I was checked and was 7cm?
I forget, Lindsey may have to fill this in for accuracy haha…

Travis helped shower me with the removable shower head, it felt wonderful…

As the contractions got longer and closer, they made the decision to get me out of the tub, so that I wouldnt get to the point where I couldnt get out. This hospital did not allow water births.

Once out of the tub the contractions got SO bad…

I then had the nurse break my water and from that point on it was so hard…. Just really really intense… and I remember at that moment the doubt creeping in… and wanting drugs haha.

Thankfully I progressed to 10 fast. I pushed for an hour or so, I honestly forget the exact time (Again need a fill in here) – Reed was born just after 8:30? Let me tell you though. PUSHING Reed was so so hard… Some women love the pushing stage.. I however do not. I always have a hard time with it. I mean with Owen, he was OP and HUGE. Then with Reed… my bladder was full and that was apparently hindering him coming out but also on top of that Reed’s cord was wrapped not once… not twice BUT THREE TIMES around his neck… they said it was basically creating a BUNGIE cord on him… so each time I would push, the cord would pull him right back in.

To add to the hardship of pushing him, I had NON STOP charlie horses in my lower calves. IT WAS SO hard to concentrating on pushing a baby when your leg felt like it was being ripped at. To add I had really bad hip pain with this pushing… and I remember feeling so done.

In fact I was told later on that I kept saying:

“Im donneee yalllll Im doneeeee.”

But said it funny? Travis said it was pretty funny despite the situation HAHA.

In the end though Reed made it out. They did have to help me with a vacuum for a few seconds… but it was needed. At this point his heart rate was in major distress due to the triple cord around his neck… and I just could not get him to budge at that point. Looking at photos of his poor lil head after a vacuum scares me. I fear birth trauma and such… but I am just reminded of how needed it was and how the Lord was so with this birth experience…



From every detail…

So thankful for how it worked out… and that I was able to go 100% natural. No meds at all.

I progressed quickly…

The nurse I wanted was there :)

The timing worked out for the boys to have sitters.

I did not tear!! despite a vacuum… so the healing process has been so much easier than Owen’s labor, where I had a 2nd degree tear… and major trauma to my bladder. With this one, nothing like that.

& the nurse btw… who was suppose to be gone at 7pm, stayed 2 hrs pass her shift, so she could be there! How awesome is she? :)

I still look 6 months pregnant ;-) – but that will go down in time.

TO those wondering how nursing is going… so far so good. I plan to do a post on that in the future too :)


17 Comments on “Laboring with Reed

  1. Beautiful story! It’s amazing to see God’s hand of faithfulness in your whole pregnancy and delivery. Praying for you as adjust to being a mama of 4!

  2. So glad you were able to avoid the induction and c-section! Selah had the cord around her neck 3 times as well. Glad all went well!

  3. Congratulations! I loved reading your birth story; each one is so very special. You look so good in all of these pictures. A beautiful mama, and a beautiful baby boy – how wonderful!!! :)

  4. yay for everything working out;) Love that the nurse staying and laboring for a bit in the tub sounds awesome, too!!

    So proud of you doing it drug-free again (although meds are fine too as long as baby and mommy are well)!!

    Little Reed looks precious:) Praying for the adjustment to a family of 6!! And for all the healing and strength/stamina to return as well (in its time)!

  5. Congrats again mama! Thanks for sharing your labor story, you are amazing for going drug free again! Proud of you and so proud that you are trying breastfeeding after all the problems you have had and hope to read more about this 4th adventure in nursing! Good luck with it and I hope you are staying in bed a few more days :)

  6. Congrats!!! Drea, I am so glad you got your natural labor. He is beautiful. Praying that nursing is going well because I know how badly you want this. Thanks for sharing your birth story. I can’t believe you found the time w/ FOUR boys in your house.

  7. Drea, What a beautiful story of God’s faithfulness…and a beautiful baby, too. Praise God Reed is here safely. Like so many others, I am praying for your adjustment to 4 boys at home…remember school right now is to help mom and enjoy a new little brother!

  8. Eeeeeep! Congrats sweet friend! I need to go through and read all of this in detail, but I am just so excited for you. Love his name!!

  9. Congratulations on your “Autumn” Baby! I found your site through another while looking for natural lotions and soaps! Your family is awesome! Little boys are so sweet!

  10. I have been following your blog since your pregnancy with Taite. I was pregnant with my first son at the same time. I feel so much love for you and your family. You are a wonderful mother and your posts uplift me.
    God Bless you, your family and your newest miracle!

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