Reed’s 1st Dr. Visit

I don’t have much to say right now… but I wanted to share some photos from Reed’s 1st Dr’ visit :)


It was chilly inside the waiting room…
So we waited outside :)



After being weighed Reed zonked out on my chest.
So so sweet…



Sadly he had to be woken again to have the Dr. check him out :)


… but thankfully fell asleep on the way home.


10 Comments on “Reed’s 1st Dr. Visit

    1. @Kalle, Kalle, I love all of his blankets, too. So adorable. Drea, you said you loved the yarn your mom used on the boys blue and brown blankets…what kind of yarn did your mom use. I love to hear which yarns really hold up to repeated washings! Feel free to get back to me in a year. ;) I know you are busy.

  1. I just can repeat what all say he is cute, adorable and sweet! :)
    The pictures of him when he zonked out at your chest are so great! Especially the scond one is so lovely! It looks a bit like he made this face because he knew that he was going to photograph ;)

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