Week 38 – Baby #4


I have made it farther than expected.
Which is good! :) – but surprising at the same time.

After a failed induction (haha – which honestly is a good thing IMO) – lots and lots of issues regarding low fluid levels…. and pre-term contracting, I have beat the odds and made it to week 38!

I feel pretty good but I am tired.

I have a really hard time sleeping at night… I tend to contract the most at night and just laying down and flipping over, is hard. Any pregnant woman can relate to that ;-) – I find myself waking up every hour or so and getting up at least once to pee, which isn’t to bad… but the sleep regardless, is not sound or very resting.

Since I can’t sleep well at night, I do find myself sleeping well during naps. I am making that a PRIORITY right now… because if I do go into labor at night (which is my track record), I want some energy going into things….

Today at 3pm I go into the OB and they will one, check fluid… but also the obgyn will strip my membranes. Lovely :) TO those unfamiliar with what this is, heres a quick definition: “Pressing the amniotic sac away from the inside of the cervix.

I know it sounds really uncomfortable and terrible but it honestly has not been in my case. I have had this done EVERY SINGLE PREGNANCY. Each time I had it done, the very same night following the stripping, I went into labor on my own. So thankful for that! :)

With Caleb and Taite I was 38 weeks on the dot…
With Owen I was 39 weeks on the dot… and honestly the only reason I made it to 39 weeks, I believe, was because at the practice back in NC I went to, they WOULD NOT strip you earlier than 39 ;-) – so despite being ready at 38 with Owen, I had to wait another week. Which was fine…

So! Since I am dilated and effaced…. and they want baby to come before week 39 (because of the 2 vessel cord), I will be stripped today :) – and I am just praying and hoping history repeats itself and this works again.

We will keep everyone posted btw via facebook! or @dreawood on Instagram.

11 Comments on “Week 38 – Baby #4

  1. Hoping that you’re able to go into labor soon -preferablly tonight, for your sake. ;) Can’t wait to see pictures of that precious baby!!

  2. Beautiful picture! So glad you made it to 38 weeks! That is the best news! I know why you need to go into labor early with this pregnancy, but any reason you had your membranes stripped with the other 3? I have never had it done – just waited until labor happened! ;)

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