caleb, Reed

Comfort in arms

IMG_0066If you follow me on facebook or instagram, you may have seen some photos talking about Reed being sick.

Poor guy caught a cold that my other 3 boys all got. It wasn’t anything to bad…

The older boys just had a fever for a day and congestion. Thats about it. Reed though you can tell is having a harder time with it. Poor dude is just so stopped up! Saline solution is helping some but you can only suction out their wee noses but so much…

Right now he is finding comfort in peoples arms… sitting him up right I think gives him relief…. where when he lays down it seems to be harder to breathe.

Last night while I tidied up the kitchen, the boys were watching something on netflix… and Caleb was holding Reed. He was awake at the time… but by the time I finished, sure enough, he was out.

It was so precious.

Was glad I was able to snag a few pictures before he woke up.




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