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Few Christmas Memories

I thought Id post a few Christmas photos before time got away with me :)
I will be totally real though in admitting this was not an easy Christmas for me. While we were blessed tremendously… not having Travis around for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, was hard… I know I could have it worse and he could be over seas for a year like a friend of mine’s husband… but either way, it was a very different Christmas for us all…

Thankful for the memories… but… I do pray Travis is off next year for those two days… Im sure that will be easier said than done.



Our boys requested the Stuffies.
A toy they saw on a commercial.

I am usually against those… but this one actually is really cute!


Our main gift this year was something kind of last minute.

Any Guesses? :)


To those familiar with the Wii, you may recognize the thing Caleb is holding.

A friend of ours gave us the Sky Lander’s DOCK with figurines and game for the Wii. From what I understand that was no cheap gift! Her son no longer played it, so she gifted it to us. Thing is, we had no wii :) – so as the days led up to Christmas, I began doing some Craigs list searching… and less than a week before Christmas, I found one. It came with A TON… and at least 10 games. The price was great. Had I purchased everything new it would of cost us more than double. So I am happy with the deal I found :) and the kids are loving the Wii.

I really like that we can play netflix from it too. It is def. going to be one of those things I have to monitor their time use on… but I think it will be a great incentive for them to get their school work done so they can play it.

So “yay” to Craigs List finds!


Reed was last to get up :) – the boys had fun opening his gifts for him.

He sadly woke up with a little bit of a cold today though :(


So he spent most of the day resting…


My mom made some sweet hand made items for the boys. They are always special to them.



Thank you everyone who helped us give our boys such a great Christmas.


3 Comments on “Few Christmas Memories

  1. Thanks for sharing Drea! You have such a sweet and beautiful family :). Hope you were able to share special moments with your husband during the past few days in between his work and the busyness :). Hang in there, and enjoy all of the special moments in between life’s craziness :)

  2. Few people I know celebrated Christmas days before because of some of the family members work schedule. If Jesus is the reason for the season, we can celebrate Jesus everyday and create new memories :) celebrating him any day of the week around Christmas :)

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