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Never to young to Babywear

IMG_0073Today I put one of my baby carriers on Caleb :)

He sees me wear them all the time, so naturally he wanted to try it as well.

The carrier I tried with him is the new Boba Air. Its smaller than a traditional Boba Carrier, so I thought that may help it fit better on him, since he is only 8.

I was able to get it on really well but it is a wee loose. I think I could pre-size it to him prior to putting it on, and it fit a lot better. I just didnt do that this time.

It was cute to see :) and he was loving the fact he had hands free while holding his baby brother close.

One thing I love about this carrier is the fact it folds up into a small zipper pouch, that is built into the carrier! While I find the traditional 3G more comfortable, this one without a doubt is so awesome to have in your diaper bag. It takes up about the same amount of space a cloth diaper would.


Note: This is not a sponsored post. I just posted this because…. well, how could I not share those pictures! :)

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  1. i so envy you for being able to babywear your kids!!! I love seeing Caleb wearing like that. Such a lovely photo and experience.
    (My son loves being in the sling for like 5 minutes. and that’s about it)

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