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Nights Alone

IMG_9941With Travis’ new job… also comes a new schedule. His shift isn’t bad… but it is going to take time to get use to. Nights will be spent alone 5 out of 7 days…

… Well alone with 4 little boys. :)

I think we are adjusting well so far…

Although I am looking forward to warmer weather. While I love the crisp feeling of a winter day around Christmas, with a small baby… going out in this cold isn’t ideal. Makes it hard when you have 3 other little boys wanting to go out and you can’t…

So… during these cold days… we’re finding contentment in a good movie by the Christmas tree :)

Tonight Caleb and I watched The Santa Claus.

Taite and Owen entertained themselves elsewhere… since it wasn’t to their liking… and Reed… well…. he spent the entire movie beside Caleb… and eventually fell asleep in his arms.





Was such a sweet sight! As I type this post he is still holding him… Im allowing him to stay up a little later since he is helping me out with Reed. That and well… The Santa Claus 2 just came on ;-) – so he asked if he could watch part of that too. I was ok with that.

Hope everyone is having a great pre-Christmas weekend. If I’m not back before Christmas Day, Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone stays well… and has a great time with their loved ones.



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  1. Absolutely PRECIOUS! We are finally expecting #4 (7 babies in Heaven) and I look forward to the precious moments between our older ones and the new little baby!

    Just wanted to say I can totally relate to doing nights without hubby! Mine is a medic and works 24-48 hour shifts, and can be gone for up to a week at a time (if he is in during his on-call hours) so the little ones and I spend at least 50% of our nights alone too. We just celebrated our 9th anniversary and I made a comment about how I’m “so done” having him be gone at nights after all these years! It’s hard! Not just having to do it by yourself, but it’s just so much more comfortable with your other half home with you overnight. I have trouble sleeping when it’s just me “in charge.” ;)

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