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I suppose this will be a downer type of Christmas post…. but its weighing on me VERY heavily this morning.

We have always tried to keep our Christmas’ simple… wanting the boys to grow up really knowing what Christmas was about… but obviously still wanting to keep it fun and enjoy giving them some gifts as well. Its a hard balance between what “society” does… and what you really do want to do… in order to instill things into your children that will last.

I will admit we have not done a great job with that lately… I have tried to justify it with the fact our lives have been a tad busy… with pregnancy, bed rest, new job schedules, COR church stuff, having a newborn….etc..etc… but really feel we’ve let the ball drop and I know because of that our kids this year have been incredibly selfish and spoiled.

Yes…. I just openly admitted my kids are way spoiled this year… and have had the most ungrateful spirit I have ever seen from them.

Complaints over gifts they get… discontentment and wanting MORE.

This morning I let it get the best of me and honestly had a hard time even looking at my kids! I was just so frustrated with how they were acting. I actually wanted to take every Christmas gift we got for them back to the store.

.. but … I think if anything this is being used to really teach me the importance of teaching our children… and I think a big thing we will strive to do better in the future, is to SHOW them how to serve… SHOW them those who have so much less…. SHOW them how thankful they should be for what they do have.

I want them to learn to serve… and minister to others. To see the importance in more than just toys… and gifts. I was telling Travis how I wish tonight we could go serve at a homeless shelter or orphanage…. I think it impact our children greatly… If Travis was not working the next two days, we would. It is something I am looking into for the new year… and praying we can really begin to teach our children the value of investing in others… instead of always being focused on “themselves.”

Not sure if any of this made sense…

It was “that” kind of morning… The two older boys are in separate rooms after bickering… the baby is asleep and Travis and Owen went out to get a few last minute things we needed (eggs, creamer… that sorta stuff). Im just trying to use this moment of silence to collect myself…. and try to see past the flesh not only in my children but in myself as well.

Now… to end on a more positive note…


Are the boys not cute in their Christmas Jammies? Theres just something so fun about dressing them up in fresh Jammies on Christmas Eve.

I am so thankful for how the Lord has provided for us this year! That we are all healthy… and together this Christmas… so many are not. Our boys are a true blessing to us… and I honestly cant imagine Christmas Day without them… Its hard to even remember what Christmas was like before them.

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  1. Hey Drea,

    Did you happen to catch my post from a few days ago?

    I share a lot of the same sentiments as you. Even still as my kids are getting older, I find myself still haven’t trouble NOT saying “I’m taking all the presents back!” on the days leading up to Christmas.

    I’ve never liked the whole “naughty/nice” notion from Santa, but I really do live that way.

    A few weeks ago, I actually thought in my head to my kids, “Merry Christmas you selfish heathens!” Like I said in the post, the world’s not broken just because of the bad things but because we can’t enjoy the good things.

    Hope you have moments of pure joy today and the rest of the holidays. It’s been quite a year for you guys!

  2. We this year have gone to having a simple Christmas. Olivia was read the story of the birth of Jesus and honestly with all that has gone on this year we had to cut back. We found that this year its not about what she gets it’s what Christmas is really about. She is getting a few small things but we just thought that spending a lot of money on toys she didn’t need wasn’t going to justify the true meaning of Christmas! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  3. Drea, I think that so many of us struggle a lot with this. Prior to becoming foster parents we typically did without a lot of gifts; however, we have found the last couple of years it has gotten out of control. Our kids see the suffering and struggles of others, but at the same time they still expect so much. As a parent, I want to give our foster children so much while they are with us. What my husband and I have been discussing is that while we want to provide them with the material things in life, we need to provide their souls with eternal life and focus so much more on that. This yearwe opened presents prior to Christmas so Christmas wasn’t all about the gifts, but the time together as a family. With six boys under six, you can imagine the number of gifts we could have under our tree! Have a very blessed Christmas!!

  4. I have this cute photo hanging up on my card display!

    Christmas is a tough one for me because Jay always winds up with so much. Greg & I buy, Greg’s parents and grandmother buy as well. We usually buy mostly inexpensive things, fun undies/pjs, crafts, board games, and the inlaws get the good stuff, lol, + SURPRISES. This year, he had 3 unopened presents left; 2 he opened today. He has play with only 5 things (2 of them very briefly) so far. To his defense, he has been sick.

    Here’s the thing. He’d be perfectly content with 1 gift. He doesn’t expect anything and it gets a little irritating when we’re out and random people are all in his face about “Santa” and presents. My mom really wanted to buy for the kids this year and can’t until later and I have had to keep telling her not to worry about it. They have more than ENOUGH, so much so I want to start a donation pile. I got so frustrated thinking about gifts last week that I thought about donating what we’d normally spend on gifts next year.

    We did our annual toys for tots shop and all the toys in the basket didn’t even phase him. We didn’t even have to hide them to keep him from messing with them.

    I think I’m going to tell family to give clothes only next year.

    Sorry for writing a novel in your comments, lol!

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