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With 4

Well this year is almost up and a new year is about to begin. Hard to believe it will be 2013! I graduated high school in 2001… so weird to think about because it doesn’t seem that long ago! Yet here I am, almost 30 and a mother of 4! Wow.

With the new year always comes new goals… I like most people do have some :) – but dont expect to succeed at all of them. I think one of my biggest goals though is to learn to be a bit more laid back and relaxed… I found that this last year I really over stressed about things that really did not matter all that much. I think my pregnancy hormones got the best of me and I was very much OCD about my home…. making it very difficult at times to get through a day with 4 little ones.

I want to strive to be more welcoming to others… opening our home more, without worries of what mess may come. :)

I want to do a better job at feeding my family… eating healthy and staying active. I have not done a good job at that the last 6 months or so.

I want to drop about 15 pounds and gain about 5 in muscle :) – so I guess loose 10? ;-) – either way, I really desire to be healthy and strong. Not only for myself and my own health… but also to have the ability to keep up with these boys! I find lately I am just plain exhausted! I need to work on putting healthy foods into my body and building up my body’s stamina and strength, so that I can keep up. Baby steps…. baby steps….

I want to enjoy the rest of this school year with my boys… and pray and hope that I can go into 2013 fall year with a renewed spirit and drive to home school our children. I must admit, this year has been a pill! Home Schooling my boys has been anything but easy…. but Im thankful I have stuck with it. I really do enjoy seeing them learn! and love that they strive to please their mom :) …. esp Caleb, who I see really desires his mothers approval and attention.


So heres to 2013. With my 4 boys :) – my husband in a new job…. and in time, a new house…. oh how I dread moving :( – we are going to miss this house more than words can say… but if anything, moving brings adventures… I just pray they are good ones ;-)


Happy New Year Everyone! Im posting this early… since, well… I had time tonight ;-) – Im never guaranteed time the next night, hehe.


All these photos were taken tonight btw… as I put my kids to bed…. they were so excited at the idea of mommy taking their picture in their beds. I found it sweet. Little Reed however was in MY bed… but before posting this I fed him and put him down in his crib for the night. :)


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