My dad the other day sent us an ant farm. He often does this… this meaning, sends the boys random gifts via snail mail. This particular gift I figured would be a flop and that our ants would die after a day or two. However, it has posed to be a really fun thing to have around!

The ants are still living… and have finally begun to dig.

We feed them daily. A crumb or two of a cracker and a few drops of water. They just walk around digging up sand… moving it around… and at times you can even see them clean themselves. Its pretty interesting to watch :)

So “thumbs up” Papa, this was a fun one.


2 Comments on “Ants

  1. When I was a kid I wanted an ant farm sooo badly, then I finally got one for Christmas and broke it trying to put the thing together by myself. I’m glad to see they’re actually fun though *adds ant farm to list of things future children must absolutely own someday*

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