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Proud can be good

Old pic I found in my camera roll... Was taken before Christmas at church.  @boba #babywearing #boba_carrierI am 16, going on 17…. innocent as a lambbbbb. Anyone recognize that statement? Or Lyric I guess I should say.

It seriously feels like yesterday that I was watching the Sound of Music even before I was 16. Yet now. Im 29 going on 30 – and spend all my days chasing, cleaning, tending, disciplining, hugging, kissing, washing and some times… just “some” times… loosing my mind haha… with my 4 boys.

When I look at this photo I just can’t help but think “wow they sure are growing up fast….” and wish they would “slow down just a little.” – While I look forward to the days they are independent in ways… and I get to “sleep” again ;-) – I know I will so miss this.

I love so much that my boys strive to please… and while they are far from perfect often…. I see a yearning in them to make not only myself proud but their daddy.

One thing Im trying to remember to do though, is to tell them how proud I am of them. I did this the other night… after Caleb helped me with Reed and Owen… he fed Reed and even got Owen dressed for bed… and I just praised him for how good he did. I saw just a glow in his face in hearing those words “Im proud of you Caleb.” – and he just smiled and said “Thanks” :)

I really am so blessed and love being a mom of 4 amazing dudes!

Even if the make for one tired mommy come 9pm :)

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